6 Effective Ways to Grow Your Agency's Social Media Presence

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In 2016 it seems as though every business wants a strong social media presence to stay relevant and connect with customers. While social media might not be the most effective way to market for some businesses, for many it can be a valuable platform for communicating within the insurance industry.

Of course insurance industry professionals need to realize that with greater competition across popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, it becomes more difficult to get noticed. But with some strategy and great content (of course), you can grow your agency’s social media presence and make it part of your overall marketing strategy. To get you started on the right path, here are 6 Effective Ways to Grow Your Agency's Social Media Presence:

1. Optimize Your Social Media Pages

Make sure that your social media account bios/profiles are complete, including a clear description of your agency and services, along with a company logo, professional cover photo and your website URL. Also make sure to include industry related keywords and hashtags in the content you post to your page. 

2. Target Your Messaging

If you are a local or even regional insurance agent, target your messaging specifically to your geographic market. Share related news and alerts as it pertains to your market, and engage with local industry organizations. If you are running a paid ads, make sure that they are geo-targeted, and aimed at your demographic.   

3. Leverage Your Content

If you are taking the time to research and write content, you should leverage that content across various social media platforms. Although the structure of the posts across each platform shouldn’t be the same, the core message can be. For example, if you write a post on workers’ compensation for your Facebook page, you can tweet out a shortened version with a link or create a corresponding infographic and post to Instagram. This can save you time, while keeping all pages up-to-date with that wonderful content you just created.

4. Diversify Your Content

Whether you are creating content for your social media pages or your blog, think about offering different types of content for your followers to consume. You can create and share content such as infographics and video that is easy for a follower to digest, and is more likely to be shared across social media. It also can boost engagement and improve SEO. 

5. Find and Network with People in the Insurance Industry

Search out other insurance industry professionals who are active on social media to follow and engage with them. Also look for industry pros who have a large following on social media, paying attention to what type of content they are posting and check out their follower engagement to see what is resonating with people.

6. Monitor and Engage with Followers

Regularly monitor your social media pages. If negative comments or imagery appears on your pages, address those comments through direct messaging and remove them from your page. Don’t hesitate to block a follower if you observe signs they have bad intentions. The good news is there are plenty of industry professionals who are waiting to engage with as well as learn from you. So, ask questions, be engaging, share information and participate in discussions to create a strong presence within the industry.

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