3 Video Marketing Tips Agents Can Use Today

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Are you looking to get more bang for your insurance agency’s marketing buck? Video – with its ability to show and tell – may be the answer to captivating customers and piquing prospects’ interest in seeking out what your agency can do for them.

The Power of Video

Did you know that YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the web? This is because people love to watch videos, whether it’s for educational purposes, to make purchasing decisions, or just for sheer entertainment. Video allows you to engage your aAmTrust appointed agents use video to educate and inform their insurance clients.udience in ways not possible with other forms of media. Video lets you tell your story in the most authentic way possible and its impact can be game-changing.

So you are asking yourself, “I am an insurance agent, how much of an impact can video really have on my business?” As an insurance agency, you have a huge opportunity to influence purchasing decisions, establish your brand and position yourself as a thought leader through video. From client testimonials and answering frequently asked questions to introducing new products or posting highlights from a recent seminar, the possibilities are endless.

Content is King

One of the best parts about video marketing is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to see results. Whether you record the video on your iPhone or hire a video production company, it’s your message that will determine a video’s success. So determine the content your customers will find most compelling.

Think about the most common questions you get from customers and prospects and that will give you an idea as to what they will want to see. You can create surveys on social media and answer the questions in a video series. If you make these videos fun and engaging while addressing the audience members' questions, you will quickly build a following and a reputation as a thought leader.   

Once you’ve nailed down your video content ideas, you are ready to get started:

1.Script and Storyboard

Sometimes you can get away with “winging” a short video on your iPhone, but if you take a little bit of extra time and script out your idea, your results may surprise you. Scripting allows for a clean, concise message. Once you write your script, plan out the visuals on a storyboard, showing the photos, video and text you want displayed in the video. Preparation is key to ensuring your message is maximized.  

2. Optimize for YouTube

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, you will have to compete for views. The best way to compete is to have great, optimized content. To optimize for the web, make sure to include relevant keywords, a clear description and a captivating title.

 3. Promote on Social Media 

To maximize your video’s reach, share it across multiple social media platforms. However, each platform and audience is different, so you will want to customize the video appropriately. For Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, make sure the video is no longer than 30-45 seconds in length and create a link to the longer version to view on YouTube or your website. For LinkedIn, you can get away with a slightly longer video.

If video marketing is not part of your long-term content marketing strategy, consider the opportunities you could be missing. By adding short, succinct videos to your website and social media pages, you will have a virtual partner that can work for you while you focus on other customers. For answering their insurance questions, your customers and prospects will thank you with new and repeat business.


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