Employee Training Video for COVID-19 Safety

Topics: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Free Training Video: Protecting Yourself Against COVID-19 and Other Contagious Illnesses

AmTrust’s Loss Control Department offers a wide variety of workplace safety training videos, including our most recent video focusing on measures to protect yourself, employees and coworkers against COVID-19.

The video covers:
  • Various types of contagious illnesses
  • How a person can be infected with the COVID-19 virus
  • Precautions for preventing the spread of viruses to other
  • How to reduce the risk of infection while caring for a sick person
  • How countries and regions of the world may respond to a pandemic
  • How to develop a pandemic preparedness plan

To watch the video, AmTrust policyholders need to register for a free account with Training Network Now, our video partnership.

If you are already registered: If you are not yet registered: The video description:

Every year, like clockwork, the cold and flu season arrives and people all over the globe fall ill after becoming infected with a virus borne contagious illness. New types of coronaviruses and influenza viruses can periodically manifest and begin spreading around the world leading to local, regional and global outbreaks of illness. The most recent example of this is the outbreak of “Coronavirus Disease 2019” or the COVID-19 that started in Wuhan, China. Your health and wellness, as well as the health and wellness of your coworkers, friends and loved ones, depends on your ability to control the spread of COVID-19 and other strains of corona and influenza viruses. This program discusses the simple and practical measures we all can take to help prevent contagious illnesses from spreading in our homes, workplaces and communities.

AmTrust Offers an Entire Library of Safety Videos

Safety starts with knowledge. AmTrust knows that workplace safety training is key to a proactive approach in minimizing injuries, incidents and controlling costs. AmTrust policyholders can gain free access to loss control training videos relating to all types of workers' compensation hazards by clicking here to complete the form. These videos are designed for small group or large group training (classroom style) to enhance safety culture and facilitate safety meetings.

Along with this access, AmTrust policyholders receive a subscription to our entire library of Loss Control videos, which serve as complete training kits with a leader’s guide, quiz and certificate of completion. The majority of the videos are also available in Spanish.

To view loss control training videos:
  • Click this link: www.trainingnetworknow.com
  • Enter username and password
  • Depending on your organization's training needs, type a related keyword in the search box. For example: back injury, lifting, bloodborne pathogens, driving, safety, slip, fall, ladder, ergonomics
  • After the safety videos appear, simply click the “Play Video” or “Juega Espanol”

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