AmTrust Specialty Risk Signs with PCMI for Reinsurance Software

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AmTrust Specialty Risk President, Bruce Saulnier and Vice President of Reinsurance, Jackie Banks, recently shared their enthusiasm for the partnership between AmTrust and PCMI Corp in an article in Warranty Week.

AmTrust will implement PCMI’s Policy Claim and Reporting SolutionsTM (PCRS)-Reinsurance Module, which will provide AmTrust’s clients with an easy-to-use, robust online reporting solution for their reinsurance business. PCMI Corporation (Policy Claim Management International) is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for F & I Products, Service Contracts and Extended Warranties.

Reinsurance Management Tools

AmTrust strives to provide better management and reporting tools to auto dealers, agents and administrators who have become more involved with vehicle service contract reinsurance. According to Bruce Saulnier, "The business is evolving, and more people are looking to reinsure, because everybody's margins are being challenged, and that's a way for companies to make more money.”

Jackie Banks further explains the vehicle protection reinsurance program, stating “Most automobile dealers have reinsurance programs, which they view as significant profit centers for their businesses. This technology supports these important reinsurance programs by providing dealers with a comprehensive tool that will let them see the results of their reinsurance business, as well as providing relevant information that will help manage and maximize profitability.”

The implementation of the PCRS platform will allow easy access to information and reports online 24/7 through a secured website portal. Dashboards and experience/performance reporting with analytical data are provided to evaluate profitability and identify key factors. Plus, the program allows for storage for reinsurance agreements and other pertinent documents in one location as well as support for all types of reinsurance structures. Phased integration of the program should begin soon and continue throughout the year.

Reinsurance Solutions Available from AmTrust Specialty Risk

To read more about the partnership and what it entails, check out the entire Warranty Week article here.

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