Technology Trends for Insurance Agents

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Agents, do you want to find more effective ways to connect with policyholders and potential customers? New technologies present huge opportunities to better engage customers. Agents who embrace these technologies to maximize customer relationships will position themselves to win more business.

Top Technology Trends Agents Must Use

As an insurance agent, there are 3 technology trends you can leverage to provide outstanding customer service:

Google Analytics

If your insurance agency has their own website and is running online ads or managing social media pages, using Google Analytics is a smart move. Google Analytics tracks the success of your digital marketing efforts and gives insight into which marketing practices are working. If you are spending money on ads and time writing content, don’t you want to know what is working so that you can maximize your time and ROI?

To get started, you will need a free Google Account and access to your website’s code. Google will provide you with code that you copy and paste within every page of your website. We recommend pasting it within a universal area on your site, such as the footer, to save time. Once you have setup the code, login to Google Analytics and start analyzing all of the web page performance metrics, now right at your fingertips. 

You will have access to helpful data, such as where your web traffic is coming from, search terms people have used to find your site, total number of visitors, top-performing pages, and even the demographics of your visitors. You will also be able to track SEO, Social Media, and Paid Search campaigns within Google Analytics.

Social Media Marketing

If you have read our previous blogs, you know that we are big advocates for social media marketing. Social media allows you, the agent, to connect with your customers and community in a very impactful way, positioning yourself and your agency as an expert in the insurance field.

Make an impact by researching and writing on industry related topics that interest your clients. Be inspirational and educational in your posts. Make sure social media is something you can manage in-house, and select the channels that make the most sense for your agency, whether that might be Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Try test posts on each channel to determine which provides the best new business leads. Then use Google Analytics to see the impact of your efforts.

Mobile Applications

Many insurance carriers now offer most of their services through mobile applications. Insurance agents can utilize these apps to give customers the ability to file claims, schedule inspections, track their claims process, direct message an agent with questions, or even submit video for appraisals.

A helpful tip is to develop a mobile strategy, mapping out the customer experience from beginning to end. This will help you identify which parts of the customer experience can be improved using a carrier’s mobile app.

At AmTrust Financial, we offer AmTrust Online, a mobile application just for agents that makes it easy for you to access important information when you need it most. If yoru carrier doesn't offer a digital solution like AmTrust Online, you could be missing out on vital functionality.

Join our team to take advantage of our innovative technology as an appointed AmTrust agent.

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