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Workers' compensation insurance protects your most valuable asset – your workforce. Should an employee suffer job-related injuries or accidents, workers' comp covers the cost of medical expenses, lost wages and retraining costs or compensation for permanent disability.

As the third largest workers' compensation carrier in the United States, AmTrust can design the specific packages small and mid-sized businesses need to comply and succeed. From Houston and Dallas to Austin, El Paso and everywhere in between, AmTrust is a one-stop shop for Texas workers’ compensation insurance.

Is Workers’ Compensation Mandatory in Texas?

In Texas, workers’ compensation coverage is not required by the state. However, small business owners could still be required to cover the cost of treating employee injuries following a workplace accident. And although the state does not require workers’ comp, construction companies that work on contract for governmental entities must have workers’ compensation coverage.

Additionally, if a worker is injured on the job, they have a legal right to file a workers’ compensation claim if they have a legitimate case and the employer refuses to pay benefits. Employers who do choose to carry workers’ comp must inform employees of the coverage and post a notice in the workplace with information about the carrier. Likewise, employers who do not obtain workers’ compensation insurance must report to the state that they have declined coverage and still must report any workplace injuries.

Common Workers’ Compensation Claims in Texas

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Construction site accidents, such as being struck by falling objects or hit by collapsed structures
  • Transportation accidents
  • Physical overexertion

Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims with Loss Control Services from AmTrust

AmTrust’s Loss Control Department specializes in risk management solutions to help prevent injuries and improve employee safety. We take a proactive approach to reducing workplace injuries by offering robust employee training and consultant services to identify the specific risks each individual business may face. 

From onsite or virtual in-depth risk assessments to our extensive collection of safety and risk management resources, AmTrust Loss Control can help identify common hazards that can lead to costly business losses and connect employers to solutions to help prevent or minimize them.

How Much Does Workers' Compensation in Texas Cost?

The cost of workers’ compensation for Texas small businesses depends on several factors. The size and location of the company, the specific industry, coverage limits and the various risks facing the employees all have an impact on the cost of coverage. 

Additionally, businesses with safe workplaces could see an experience modifier, the connection between their workplace injury loss and workers’ comp costs, that is better than average. Insurance companies use experience modifiers to help determine workers’ compensation premium costs, and companies with lower risk will generally have a lower premium.

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Workers’ Compensation Resources for Texas Small Business Owners

AmTrust is here to help small businesses in Texas with a variety of workers’ compensation resources to help protect the company and keep employees safe.

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