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Workers’ Comp Insurance for Grocery Stores

As a grocery store owner, you strive to create a happy, risk-free workplace for your employees. Even so, it's prudent to safeguard your business and its workers with the proper insurance policies. Getting workers' compensation coverage for your grocery store is a great place to start. In the event of a work-related accident involving an employee, workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help to cover medical bills, while potentially shielding your business from costly liability lawsuits. State laws also mandate workers' compensation insurance for most businesses with employees. Failing to provide this coverage could result in legal liability for work-related injuries and illnesses, legal fines and even criminal charges.

Being a grocery store employee is a tough, physical job. In addition to standing for many hours per shift, these employees are tasked with numerous responsibilities that can cause injury if performed incorrectly or repetitively. For instance, lifting heavy boxes could overexert or strain a worker, a delivery driver could be involved in a collision, or a butcher might cut himself while slicing meat. The grocery store itself is also a prime venue for slip and fall accidents, as any spilled liquids, squished produce, or packaging materials on the floor can pose a hazard. As a small business owner, workers' compensation coverage can help keep your employees financially protected in the event of a work-related accident.

Coverage for Work-Related Illness or Injury

Grocery stores workers' compensation insurance is designed to help cover the medical expenses associated with a workplace injury. These afflictions can range in severity from carpal tunnel syndrome to a critical slip-and-fall accident. Workers’ comp can help shoulder the financial burden of a sick or injured worker's medical treatments, and can even help cover long-term or permanent disability claims.

Coverage for Vocational Rehabilitation

Grocery store injuries can stem from many reasons including standing too long at the cash register, using repetitive motions while bagging, or practicing incorrect lifting techniques. Thankfully, these afflictions are treatable. It's essential that an injured employee receive vocational rehabilitation, both for overcoming physical constraints and ensuring the treated injury doesn't reoccur.

Protection Against Lost Wages

After an accident, your injured worker needs to focus on their rest and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, financial constraints often pressure employees into returning to work before they're ready. With grocery stores workers' comp insurance, lost wages are usually covered, so your employee can recover fully.

Additional Business Insurance for Grocery Stores

Grocery store insurance is an important part of operating a successful business. As careful as you are to protect your customers and employees, accidents still happen. The right insurance coverage can let you move forward with confidence, helping to ensure that you can recover quickly.

When most people think about going to the grocery store, they do not imagine injuries or lawsuits. But as a grocery store owner, you know better; accidents can happen, and people can get hurt, no matter how careful you are.

In addition to workers’ compensation insurance, there are a variety of other insurance options designed to address specific risks for supermarkets and grocery stores. Common insurance policies for grocery stores include the following:

General Liability Insurance for Grocery Stores

Many of the financial risks faced by small and mid-sized businesses come from third parties. Anytime a customer sustains an injury on your property or due to a mistake made by an employee, there is the potential for a lawsuit. Such lawsuits can be financially devastating, for any business. General liability insurance can help mitigate the financial impact of lawsuits from third parties.

General liability also usually provides protection if a competitor sues you for libel or slander, as well as damage done to the property of third parties by your company, such as damage to customer's car that is caused by a shopping cart.

Business Owner's Policy for Grocery Stores

For some grocery stores, it may be most cost-effective to bundle general liability coverage with commercial property insurance in a businessowner's policy (BOP). Having commercial property coverage in addition to general liability offers a number of advantages, especially for a grocery store. Commercial property coverage can help to absorb the financial impact of loss and damage to your commercial property, including your store and your inventory.

Commercial Auto for Grocery Stores

If your grocery store owns, leases, or uses one or more automobiles for deliveries, pickups, or any business-related purpose, having a commercial auto policy could help minimize the cost associated with accidents and damage to those vehicles, as well as damage to other people's property and medical bills. Required in many states, commercial auto insurance can help grocery stores that rely on their commercial vehicles operate safely and effectively, now and in the future.

Cyber Liability for Grocery Stores

Cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities to compromise customer data. Should your store be victimized by such criminals and a customer file a lawsuit against you, cyber liability coverage can protect you from certain losses as a result of a data breach. Cyber liability insurance provides can protect your grocery store from a range of cyberattacks resulting in data breaches.

How Do I Get Grocery Stores Workers' Comp and Business Insurance?

Let AmTrust Financial help you find insurance policies and coverage limits to help keep your grocery store business safeguarded. We work alongside you to find a bespoke insurance package for your store. To learn more about the grocery store workers' compensation packages and other top-rated insurance products that are available through AmTrust contact us today.

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