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Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Dentists

The employees at your dental office make it possible for you to run a successful business. But no matter how careful you or your employees are, injuries can still occur. Workers' comp insurance for dental offices can help cover the costs of work-related injuries and illnesses and keep your business protected from expensive lawsuits.

As a dental practitioner, you work hard to give people healthy smiles and to build a business that will last. Your employees are an important component of your business, making it possible for you to do what you do best. Unfortunately, at some point, an employee may sustain an injury at work. Accidents happen, and those accidents can have costly repercussions.

Workers' compensation insurance for dentists can provide the financial support you need to help your employees heal and recover. By carrying workers' comp insurance, you help ensure that the cost of your employee's medical care and lost wages will be covered until it’s time for them to return to work. Coverage also helps to limit your practice's liability and can help ensure that you’ve meet any state workers' comp requirements.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Workers’ Comp Coverage

Running a successful business requires analyzing risk and being proactive in your approach. Employee injuries and illnesses present financial risks that can be addressed through workers' compensation insurance coverage. You can help protect your dental practice with a tailor-made workers’ comp policy.

Cover work-related injuries and illness

As careful as you and your employees may be, there is always the possibility that someone can get hurt or sick on the job. These work-related injuries present financial risk. Paying for medical care and lost wages is costly to even the most successful practice. Typically, with workers' comp, you do not have to worry about paying all of those costs out of pocket.

Limit liability

There is always the chance that an injured employee could take legal action against your business. Lawsuits related to work injuries can be extremely expensive, and can even put a dentist out of business. Workers' comp could help provide coverage for these kinds of lawsuits.

Meet state mandates

Most states require that businesses with one or more employees carry workers' comp insurance. While the exact requirements for coverage vary from state to state, chances are your state requires you to have workers' comp insurance if you have employees.

Protect your employees

Hiring and training good employees is time-consuming and expensive. When one of those employees is hurt on the job, you want to be able to take care of them. Workers' compensation coverage helps your practice's employees get medical care and financial assistance.

Additional Types of Insurance for Dentists

General liability is also important to consider. If a patient slips on a wet floor while visiting your office, medical malpractice insurance most likely wouldn't cover the expense. However, general liability helps cover a variety of third-party claims, resulting in further protection for your practice.

Since the risk of fire, vandalism, water damage, and other hazards is always present, most dentists also carry commercial property insurance. This type of coverage protects your building and any equipment you use.

A standard businessowners policy combines general liability and commercial property insurance, but it can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Where Can I Find Affordable Insurance for Dental Offices?

Your dental business is unique and deserves individual attention. AmTrust Financial focuses on delivering insurance solutions to small businesses. If you are interested in workers' compensation insurance, or a customized businessowners policy for your dental office, please contact us today. Let us help you protect your business and keep your employees smiling.

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