Insurance for Book Stores

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As with any business, your book store faces certain risks as a part of doing business. The customers you serve can suffer injuries and file lawsuits, which can ruin your livelihood. Book shop insurance through AmTrust Financial can help shield your business from financial damage.

Insurance Plans for Book Stores

As a book store owner, you do your best to create a warm, inviting and peaceful environment for your customers. But even when you cultivate the perfect book store environment, there is still always the possibility that an accident will occur. Mistakes are bound to happen over the course of doing business and injuries or other business risks – like a costly lawsuit – could be the result. One way to help protect your livelihood from such a lawsuit is to have adequate book shop insurance coverage.

Book Shop Business Insurance Options

Book stores, like any business, face certain liabilities that must be guarded against. While the average customer may not think of a book shop as a place where people get hurt, the fact is that book stores are just as vulnerable to lawsuits as many other businesses. From customers suffering injuries to property damage, employee injuries to accusations of slander or libel, each day operating your book shop presents new potential risks. Fortunately, with the right insurance coverage, you can help safeguard your business from many of the most common or damaging risks and focus on serving your customers and strengthening your company.

Proper protection for your book store requires choosing several insurance policies to address specific risks. Some of these options can include:

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Book Shops 

If you are like most book store owners, you have at least a few employees. You are likely aware of the legal requirements for you to carry workers' compensation insurance for those employees. Exploring workers' compensation insurance through AmTrust can help you meet your insurance requirements and provide coverage designed to help both you and your employees in the event of a work-related accident leading to injury.

General Liability Insurance for Book Stores

One of the primary risks faced by every business, including book stores, comes from third parties. Customers that are injured at your store may file a lawsuit. Employees can accidentally damage the property of customers or of other third parties. Some companies even find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit claiming libel or slander from a competing business. General liability insurance is designed to cover situations like these.

Businessowners Policy for Book Shops

Some businesses qualify for a reduced rate when combining general liability insurance with commercial property insurance in a special businessowners policy (BOP). Commercial property insurance covers damage to the property of your business, including damage to your building if you own it, along with damage to your inventory. Commercial property insurance can prove invaluable to book store owners, allowing you to quickly replace damaged inventory with minimal hassle.

Commercial Auto for Book Stores

Any automobiles owned, leased, or borrowed by your company to make deliveries or pickup merchandise can be involved in accidents that result in litigation, injuries, or expensive repair or replacement costs. It's important to make sure you have the necessary commercial auto coverage to help cover the costs of accidents or other damages caused by company vehicles.

Cyber Liability Insurance for Book Stores

Cyber liability insurance is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of cyber crimes. As carefully as you guard the data your customers entrust you with, that data is still vulnerable to cyber criminals who can steal it and extort it. If your business is sued by a customer whose data was compromised, a cyber liability policy can do a lot to help mitigate the damage to your company. 

Let Us Help You Choose Your Book Shop Insurance

Your book shop business keeps you busy, which can make it hard to spend a lot of time considering your insurance options. At AmTrust, we offer industry knowledge and free insurance quotes to help you understand which coverage may be right for your business. Let us help you insure your book shop and your employees.

For more information about workers’ comp for book shops and other small business insurance solutions, please contact us today.

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