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As an attorney, you likely appreciate how costly it can be to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. When an employee is hurt at work, there is always the possibility that they will take legal action against the employer. In addition to covering the costs of medical care and lost wages for work-related injuries, workers' compensation insurance can include employer's liability insurance to help mitigate against the cost of lawsuits related to such injuries.

Quality workers' comp coverage is also an investment in your employees. You want to be able to take care of them if something goes wrong. With the right coverage, you can ensure that their medical bills are covered and that they have the opportunity to properly heal before coming back to work.


Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Attorneys

Workers' comp policies can limit your liability so you can focus on running your firm. To help you find quality coverage for a competitive price, AmTrust is prepared to help you find a workers' compensation policy for your firm, while trying to simplify your insurance decisions.

The Importance of Workers’ Comp Insurance for Law Firms

There are a number of reasons why a law firm needs to carry workers' comp insurance:
  • State law usually requires workers' comp coverage. While the exact coverage requirements vary by state, most states do require that you carry some sort of workers' comp insurance if you have employees. If you want to do business in your state, you are going to need to meet your insurance requirements for doing so, which typically includes carrying adequate workers' comp insurance for employees.
  • Injuries and illnesses can be costly. Most people do not think of law firm employees sustaining work-related injuries, but there is always the possibility of injury at work. Employees can slip and fall on a freshly mopped floor or suffer from repetitive motion injuries. Workers' comp can help pay for expenses related to work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Medical care and lost wages can be costly. The costs of medical care for even minor injuries can easily stack up. When you add in the cost of lost wages while your employee recovers from a work-related injury, it is easy to see why some consider workers' comp insurance a necessity to protect a business's bottom line.
  • Litigation can be even more costly. You hope that it won't happen, but the reality is that an injured employee can take legal action against your business, especially if you fail to offer workers' comp. Fighting such a lawsuit, not to mention losing it, could put pressure on your firm's finances. Securing workers' comp insurance can help with expense, and in some cases limit, this kind of litigation.

Let AmTrust help you insure your law firm and your employees. For more information about workers’ comp for attorneys and other small business insurance solutions, please contact us today.

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