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Workers’ Compensation for Professional Offices

If you run a professional office, you know that there is always the possibility that one of your employees can sustain an injury. The only way to help limit your liability in such a situation is to carry adequate professional office workers' compensation insurance to help protect your business from financial and legal risks.

Paying for costly medical care, lost wages, and other significant expenses can break even the most successful businesses. When an employee is injured, you want to quickly deal with the situation and get back to running your business.

Workers' comp insurance for offices is designed to help cover the costs when an injured employee needs medical care or loses some wages due to an injury sustained at work. This coverage can help you take care of your staff and with stand or avoid lawsuits related to workplace accidents or illnesses.

Why Your Office Needs Workers’ Comp Insurance

The advantages of a good workers' comp policy can be considerable. Coverage can include the following:

Costs associated with work-related injuries and illness: As careful as you are to ensure that your employees work in a safe environment, accidents can and will happen. It only takes one slip up for someone to get hurt and require medical care. Workers' comp helps shield you from the considerable costs of medical care, while also helping to pay for lost wages while employees recover.

• Insurance requirements: Most states requirement offices with employees to carry workers' compensation insurance. AmTrust Financial can help you obtain a policy that is designed to fulfill these requirements.

• Legal liability: You hope that it would never happen, but anytime an employee is hurt at work there is always the possibility that he or she could sue your company. If you are on the receiving end of such a lawsuit, your workers' comp policy can help you cover the costs. In some cases, carrying workers' comp can protect you from litigation in the first place.

Additional Business Insurance for Professional Offices

Since every business is run differently and offers varying services, the types of small business coverage it needs depends on multiple factors. For example, if a customer accuses your company of providing unprofessional workmanship and files a legal claim, professional liability insurance could help to cover the costs of a lawsuit. Every business owner needs small business insurance that's designed for businesses like theirs.

Some of the most common types of commercial office insurance coverages include:

• General liability General Liability Insurance covers bodily injury or physical damage that happens to a third party's property because of a service you performed

• Cyber liability Cyber liability Insurance covers liability if a data breach occurs and a customer's personal information is stolen or exposed

• Disability – Disability Insurance pays overhead expenses if the business owner becomes disabled

• Business property insurance – Business Property Insurance protects the property you own or lease, including equipment, inventory, fixtures, furniture, machinery, and more

• Professional liability – Professional Liability Insurance, also referred to as Errors and Omission (E & O) Insurance, this covers legal fees whenever a customer claims a job you performed was inadequate, faulty, or not completed on time

What Types of Professional Office Insurance Coverages are Most Important?

Injuries, lawsuits, and accidents can expose your small business to risks. While the types of risks you could face pertain to the specific industry you're working in, having fundamental coverages in place such as general liability and property insurance is optimal. This is especially important for start-up businesses. However, as you continue to grow your company, you should add additional protection to cover your business, such as professional liability, cyber liability, and more.

How Do I Get Professional Office Workers' Comp and Business Insurance?

AmTrust Financial understands that each office and its risks will be unique, which is why we work diligently to deliver bespoke insurance solutions tailored to small businesses like yours. We listen to your goals and the challenges you face, and carefully help you choose policies that can make it possible for you to build on your success. To learn more about the professional workers' compensation packages and other top-rated insurance products that are available through AmTrust, contact us today.


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