Why Work in Insurance?

When searching for the right career path, you're likely to consider a variety of factors. Perhaps you're looking for a stimulating work environment, opportunities for advancement, a competitive benefits package or solid job security – or perhaps all four.

Look no further. Insurance is a reliable, thriving industry that can offer plenty of appeal for job seekers. When discovering the best insurance companies to work for, consider these awesome advantages to working in insurance.

Diversity and Growth

The insurance industry is diverse, which means that it offers plenty of career opportunities. AmTrust Financial and other companies in the industry offer a variety of positions that require different levels of experience and various academic backgrounds. You might choose to work as an actuary who identifies risk, a claims adjuster who works with clients who have suffered a loss, or an underwriter who evaluates potential clients and sets prices for policies. These jobs, as well as the many others in the industry, can allow you to develop a specific skill set based on your experience, and you can also grow in the business as your skills expand. This can lead to lots of potential for future growth across a range of job types.

Management Opportunities

While many industries may offer management opportunities at some point in your career, the insurance industry is in a unique position to offer managerial positions on an accelerated basis. With an aging workforce, there's a huge need for new leaders and management professionals. As a result, some of the best insurance companies to work for are able to provide newcomers with lots of opportunity for advancement. If upward mobility is important to you, the insurance industry can be a great fit.

Impressive Benefits

Benefits are an important part of any job, and the insurance industry boasts some of the most impressive benefits packages you'll encounter. In addition to competitive salaries, jobs in insurance can often come with comprehensive benefits you won't find everywhere. For example, AmTrust Financial employees enjoy a robust benefits package that includes health, dental and vision insurance; 401(k) benefits; short- and long-term disability; paid time off and several paid holidays; and an employee assistance program. Other perks like an on-site gym and a business-casual dress code make working at an insurance company like AmTrust Financial even more enjoyable.

Job Security

Let's face it: insurance is't going anywhere. As long as risk still exists, individuals will always need insurance, whether they're looking to protect their personal property, their health or their family after their death. The added job security that the insurance industry provides can mean reduced stress and an improved quality of life for you and your family. All in all, a job in the insurance industry is a smart choice for your family's long-term personal and financial goals.

So, why work in insurance? Between great opportunities for growth, impressive pay and benefits, and the security you get from joining a strong, reliable industry, there are plenty of reasons. Even if you haven't considered the insurance industry before, now's a great time to discover the great career paths that this industry offers. We hope to see you on the job!

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