Insurance for Painters

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As a painter, your craftsmanship requires absolute precision. Picking the right paints for every project, prepping surfaces properly and coordinating colors all take skill and hard work. While you're busy meeting your customers' needs, you might not have time to focus on the specific risks you could be exposed to regularly. Liability claims, on-the-job accidents, property damage, and other hazards can come out of nowhere, and without adequate insurance coverage, even a single adverse incident could threaten your business. With painters' insurance solutions from AmTrust Financial, you could be protected against a variety of uncertainties.

Painters Insurance Coverage Options

You've worked hard to build your small business, and the last thing you want is a paint spill to damage a customer's property, an employee to fall off a ladder, or another unfortunate situation to jeopardize your painting business. AmTrust agents can help you determine which policies best match your specific needs and customize insurance solutions to fit your painting business.

When it comes to painter’s insurance, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why AmTrust is intent on providing you with customized painters insurance to suit your specific needs. Most painters opt to carry the following policies:
  • General Liability
  • Workers' Compensation


Protecting Your Painting Business Employees with Workers' Compensation Insurance

Even with the proper precautionary measures and safety practices in place, workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses can still happen. If even one incident occurs, paying for an injured employee's medical expenses out-of-pocket could be astronomical. Additionally, if an injured employee sues your business because of the accident or injury, it could put your business at greater financial risk. Workers' compensation insurance is designed to protect both your flower shop and your employees from such circumstances.

If you have one or more employees, your state could require you to carry workers' compensation insurance. The mandate may apply to full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees as well as subcontractors you hire from time-to-time. If an employee becomes injured, ill, or suffers an accident due to a workplace incident, a workers' comp policy may help to cover his or her:

  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Surgeries
  • Rehabilitation treatments
  • Partial income replacement


General Liability Insurance for Painters

You may not always be able to avoid a lawsuit, even if an allegation against you is false. The costs associated with hiring attorneys and paying settlements could be significant. General liability insurance can provide you with essential coverage against most third-party claims, such as property damage, advertising injury, bodily injury, and libel. For example, if a customer trips over a tarp, breaks an arm, and sues your business, this type of policy could help to cover his or her medical expenses and help you pay for court costs.

How Do I Get Painter's Insurance?

Purchasing painter’s insurance can give you peace of mind and confidence in knowing you're getting coverage against a variety of hazards and risks. AmTrust is here to help you discover tailored insurance solutions to keep your small business safeguarded whenever unfortunate situations arise. We work alongside you to find an insurance package suited to your business’s specific needs. To learn more about painters workers' compensation packages and other top-rated insurance products that are available through AmTrust contact us today.

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