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Restaurant Insurance from AmTrust 

The restaurant industry is ever-evolving and booming with over 1 million restaurant locations in the U.S. employing over 14.7 million workers. Most restaurants are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, and each has unique commercial insurance needs. The AmTrust Restaurant Program provides tailored insurance coverage to a variety of establishments and is available to both single and chain restaurants.

The 2022 AmTrust Restaurant Risk Report examined over ten years of workers' compensation claims to help employers identify common restaurant worker injury trends and learn how to prevent them. The report analyzed nearly 170,000 claims and found:
  • Mental stress claims have skyrocketed, with 2021 being the highest on record
  • Injuries are the highest in July and lowest in January, February, September and November
  • While overall injuries are down compared to pre-pandemic numbers, certain injury categories like crushing, fainting, inflammation and strains are up
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Why Choose AmTrust for Restaurant Insurance?

Our restaurant coverage is designed with flexibility in mind.

Restaurant Risks & Safety

Restaurants have unique risks. They present a multi-faceted hazard and injury risk for both employees and customers.  AmTrust Financial has a unique perspective to the restaurant industry with data compiled from processing thousands of workers’ compensation claims. The data has provided insights into common restaurant workers’ injuries, lost time in the workplace and the impact of seasonality on increased injury risk.

Amtrust Financial’s review of restaurant class codes reveal average claims costs vary widely across different injuries, lost time, seasonality, geographical and restaurant types.

Restaurant insurance helps protect small businesses from the costs associated with such risks. By following safety and loss control best practices, restaurants can help avoid these incidents. AmTrust policyholders can gain free access to relevant training videos on restaurant safety through our Loss Control Department, as well as a variety of risk management articles.

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant owners face various challenges unique to their industry, such as broken appliances, spoiled food, and employee injuries from working in a high risk environment. Restaurant insurance helps business owners cover unexpected costs when things go wrong or accidents occur on the premises.

What Types of Restaurant Insurance are Available?

AmTrust provides coverage tailored to a variety of establishments that meets the commercial package and workers’ comp needs of restaurants. Our insurance policies for restaurants can be written as either a package or a businessowners policy (BOP), depending on the specific risk characteristics of the individual policyholder. Monoline workers’ compensation insurance is also available.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ compensation protects restaurant owners and their employees. It is insurance that provides benefits to most types of employees who are injured on the job. AmTrust and its agents work closely with restaurants to design specific insurance packages to help them to succeed.
  • BOP: A businessowners policy is a type of commercial insurance that can provide various protections for restaurants by combining insurance coverage protections into one bundle. The standard combination is general liability, property and business interruption insurances.
  • Commercial Package Policy: Customize package products meet each policyholder's specific needs and address special issues in the operation of their businesses. With the underwriting flexibility of AmTrust behind you, you can offer both general liability and product liability coverage to your customers.
  • Umbrella: Umbrella insurance can provide additional liability limits to give your restaurant an extra boost above and beyond your typical policy. The coverage includes protection for bodily injury, property damage, libel and slander.

Restaurant Coverage Enhancements

AmTrust offers a variety of restaurant coverage enhancements including:
  • Property and Liability enhancement endorsements
  • Selling price for stock including fine wines/liquors
  • Foodborne contamination
  • Spoilage
  • Peak season
  • Umbrella limits available to include or exclude Liquor Liability
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Reducing Risk & Increasing Financial Stability

We focus on providing insurance to low and medium-risk businesses. Low-risk exposure provides more financial stability, which lets us offer competitive commission rates for our appointed agents and lower fees for our policyholders.

What Types of Restaurants Does AmTrust Provide Insurance For?

A top AmTrust class code, restaurant coverage from AmTrust is easy to market to a diverse range of both single and chain restaurants. AmTrust provides coverage tailored to a variety of establishments that meets the commercial package and workers’ comp needs of restauranteurs. Eligibility includes:

Family-Style and Fine Dining:
  • $15 average entrée price
  • 25-45% liquor sales, primarily wine and liquor, with limited beer sales
  • Small bar area (less than 15-person capacity)
  • Risks in the same location for 5 years
  • Buildings less than 15 years old
  • Risks that are tenants in strip centers
Fast Food:
  • Deli
  • Café
  • Pizza, no hired non-owned auto

Restaurant Insurance Coverage from AmTrust Financial

AmTrust offers a wide variety of restaurant insurance options designed to meet the needs of owners in the restaurant industry. AmTrust-appointed agents will have direct access to our online system and our underwriters. Take advantage of financial stability, industry experience and commitment to service that AmTrust provides to protect the businesses of our agents and insured. Download our agent restaurant insurance information and forms below:

Restaurant Sell Sheet

Restaurant Supplement required for restaurants with Commercial Cooking and more than $250K in values or more than 25% in liquor sales.

Restaurant Risk Report