Financial Institutions

AmTrust’s Financial Institutions division understands the unique risks each financial institution faces in the current banking, regulatory and insurance environment. Our underwriters have extensive industry knowledge and will structure an insurance program to help effectively manage risk. 

Michael Whitbeck image
Michael Whitbeck
Vice President of Underwriting
Financial Institutions Non-Depository Institutions
Tina Hobbs image
Tina Hobbs
Assistant Vice President of Underwriting
Financial Institutions - Depository Institutions
Direct: 216.328.6040
Robert Splawn image
Robert Splawn
Marketing Director
Direct: 216.525.5199
Kristen Kreuzer image
Kristen Kreuzer
Product Management Director
Direct: 216.643.5882
Kevin Ferrara image
Kevin Ferrara
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 914.572.8950
Brian O’Maley image
Brian O’Maley
Senior Underwriter
Direct: 216.525.5195
Frank Wallis image
Frank Wallis
Underwriter II
Direct: 216.643.5806
Brandon Oliveros image
Brandon Oliveros
Underwriter II
Direct: 216.643.8667
Thomas Henkel image
Thomas Henkel
Senior Underwriter
Direct: 216.643.5895
Mark Reynolds image
Mark Reynolds
Senior Underwriter
Direct: 216.328.6063
Phillip Sampognaro image
Phillip Sampognaro
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 216.643.5804
Jennifer Faciana image
Jennifer Faciana
Underwriter I
Direct: 216.525.5189
Rebecca Reynolds image
Rebecca Reynolds
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 303.775.2429