AmTrust Specialty Risk at CES 2019

AmTrust’s Specialty Risk team attended the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to explore how insurance options can enhance the customer experience, especially for companies who focus on consumer technology in the connected home, health and car areas.

AmTrust and Partners Share Their CES Experiences

CES is a great opportunity for technology brands and retailers to partner with AmTrust Specialty Risk to create new insurance solutions that provide consumers with the peace of mind they need to buy with confidence. We interviewed industry leaders in the digital administrative space about innovations in consumer technology and its impact on the insurance industry.

Smart Devices & Protection Plan Survey

Smart devices for the home and personal use were showcased throughout this year’s CES. AmTrust Specialty Risk conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers in December 2018 to learn more about how and why consumers use protection plans for their smart devices. To learn more about the findings in our Smart Devices and Protection Plan Survey, please download our PDF.


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Highlights from the Survey

We asked consumers what their top concerns were about their connected devices. These were the top responses:

Growing Expectations

According to our survey, consumers are expecting more from their protection plans including protection against identity theft, proactive replacement and technical support.

About AmTrust Specialty Risk

AmTrust Specialty Risk  is a leading global provider of insurance for consumer technology brands, distributors, retailers and third-party administrators. Our industry-leading partnerships and underwriting expertise, combined with deep knowledge of the consumer, allow us to develop successful specialty insurance programs tailored for your needs. Seek out our expertise in extended warranties, extended service plans and accidental damage plans.

To learn more about the findings of the Smart Devices and Protection Plan Survey and smart device solutions, contact our Specialty Risk team at: