AmTrust’s systems are not affected by the global IT outage related to cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. We are fully operational and fully servicing our clients.

AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk

We have the expertise to provide programs worldwide that maximize revenue and minimize risk.


A History of Specialization and Innovation

AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk is one of the world’s largest underwriters of insurance for niche insurance, extended warranty, service contracts and protection products. 

For 25 years AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk has developed customer-centric programs that help you grow your business. Our programs are designed to maximize your profits while providing the best customer experience possible. Using our deep industry experience enables us to develop and deliver the most innovative programs in the market. With convenient, flexible pricing models, we are ready to exceed your expectations!

Profit Participation Programs

AmTrust Warranty and Specialty Risk develops unique profit participation programs designed to meet your income and risk goals.

Structures Offered:
  • Reinsurance: CFC, NCFC, Domestic, Cell Company, Retrocede
  • Captive Insurance
  • Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC)
  • Profit Share
  • Failure to Perform (FTP)
  • Excess of Loss (XOL)

Consultative Approach:
We offer a consultative approach to ensure the program structure meets your unique business goals. Our personal expert advisors will:
  • Conduct analyses and provide counsel on complex topics
  • ​Develop and implement programs quickly
  • Provide training/education

AmTrust Management Portal (AMP)

AmTrust Management Portal (AMP) provides our partners with timely and relevant data to monitor and drive increased profitability, with 24/7 online access to cession statements, analytical reports and key performance metrics.

Partnership Advantages

We work with some of the largest retailers, brands and administrators in the world who sell and support service contracts. Partnering with AmTrust increases your success through increased sales, greater customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty and sustainable revenue.  


Our size and financial strength enable us to provide every partner with the best resources and support in the industry.


Our extensive market knowledge and risk expertise allow us to create products and new revenue channels for businesses while managing risk and protecting customers. 


Our entrepreneurial nature and rating dexterity allow us to adjust our deal structures, rates, and filings to meet our partners’ evolving needs.  


Currently underwriting within fifty-five countries, AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk is an industry leader in global warranty solutions, helping partners compliantly reach their international distribution goals further and faster.