Product Overview: Event Insurance

Event Protection Insurance from AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk

AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk creates event insurance policies to help provide benefits designed to cover certain situations or losses that result from sudden and unexpected conditions or occurrences that impact ticketed events like conferences, concerts or sporting events.


What is an Event Insurance Policy?

Unforeseeable conditions can impact any event, no matter how much planning and preparation work is done in advance. Weather and medical emergencies, accidents, mechanical breakdowns and more are some of the reasons a particular event may need to be canceled or unattended by the insured. Event insurance can help protect from financial losses like deposits or non-refundable costs than can occur in these situations. 

Event Insurance Coverages

  • Ticket Cancellation By Insured
  • Ticket Interruption
  • Cancel For Any Reason
  • Hole-In-One
Frequently Asked Questions About Event Insurance
Is event insurance necessary?
Life can be unpredictable. Having event protection insurance can help provide peace of mind that should the policyholder be unable to attend an event for several reasons, including illness, travel issues, weather conditions and more, they will be reimbursed for the non-refundable costs of the tickets. While generally not required, having event insurance is a great way to protect the financial investment of seeing a favorite band, team or performance.
How does event insurance work?

If an individual has event insurance, they will be reimbursed for ticket costs for several reasons. Coverage can be tailored to specific needs, but common reasons include:

  • Cancellations due to serious injuries or illnesses or death for both the individual who obtained the coverage and their immediate family members, pregnancy complications or childbirth
  • Weather, natural disasters and man-made disasters that make it impossible to attend the event
  • Issues during travel to the event, such as being in a traffic accident, experiencing a mechanical breakdown, automobile theft
  • Travel carrier delays, such as a flight delay, or delays caused by a worker strike lasting 48 hours
  • Work-related issues, such as having personal time off status change, being required to travel for work-related purposes leading to not being able to attend the event, being relocated by the employer to a location 100 miles from the primary residence, business operations being affected by fire, flood, burglary, vandalism, bankruptcy, natural disaster and more
  • Other issues, such as being unable to attend an event due to an uninhabitable home or urgent home repairs, stolen tickets, terrorist acts, jury duty, and travel carriers going bankrupt

Event insurance will reimburse for non-refundable ticket costs, less any refunds, up to the limits specified in the confirmation of coverage.

Event protection programs may also provide additional coverage for:
  • Ticket interruption if the policyholder is forced to leave an event early
  • Ticket cancellation for unforeseen reasons
  • Lost or stolen ticket replacement fees
  • Change fee coverage should the date of the event be changed
  • Bad weather delaying or canceling the event
  • Expenses due to lodging or meals if an event is delayed at least 12 hours into the next calendar day
What types of events are covered?

Event protection insurance from AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk covers ticketed events such as:

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Sporting Events
  • Theater performances
  • Participation in a sporting event i.e. marathons etc.
What does event protection insurance NOT cover?

Event insurance does have some exclusions, including:

  • Existing medical conditions that make the policyholder unable to attend the event
  • Acts of war or civil disorder
  • Personal plans changing
  • Loss due to incorrect data or facts submitted by the policyholder
When should event insurance be purchased?
Unexpected issues may pop up at any time before an event occurs. Event protection insurance should be obtained as soon as tickets are purchased to ensure coverage.

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