Product Overview: Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance from AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk

AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk offers shipping insurance programs to help protect the valuable packages that might get lost, stolen or damaged while in transit with a courier service. 


What is Shipping Insurance?

Shipping or package insurance provides reimbursement for the declared value of items within a package should the package arrive at its destination damaged. Shipping insurance also covers the costs for lost packages, packages delivered but later stolen from the delivery site or lost in shipping altogether. The customer pays an upfront fee to help provide peace of mind that should anything go wrong during the delivery process, they will be covered for any lost expenses. 

Shipping Insurance Coverages

AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk offers shipping insurance products that cover physical loss or damage to the covered parcel or freight, including perils such as theft by porch pirates or damage during transit.

Freight Carriers

Packages or shipments transported in large quantities through commercial freight carriers.

Parcel Carriers

Single or small quantity packages or shipments transported through parcel carriers.
Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Insurance
Why do you need insurance for shipping?
Shipping insurance will reimburse the sender for the losses incurred if a package is lost, damaged, or stolen in transit or after delivery. These covered costs include the value of the items and the shipping charges.
What are the different types of shipping and package insurance?

AmTrust Warranty and Specialty Risk offers two main types of shipping insurance programs: Freight and Parcel.

Having shipping insurance coverage is vital when utilizing freight carriers to transport large quantities of items. With insurance for shipping, a business could avoid massive fees and profit losses.

Insurance for packages sent with parcel carriers is also an important coverage when shipping smaller quantities or single items. Should the package be damaged or stolen upon delivery, shipping insurance will cover the value of the product and the costs incurred to ship it.

What are the main benefits of shipping insurance?

The benefits of a shipping insurance policy include:

  • Peace of mind. Sending expensive items can be a nerve-wracking experience, and shipping insurance can help ease your mind that your valuable packages are covered in the event of damage or other losses.
  • Financial loss protection. Shipping and package insurance can save your business a substantial amount of money by covering the cost of replacing or repairing damaged or lost items.
  • Improved satisfaction levels. Businesses that regularly ship packages to customers or other businesses can see higher levels of satisfaction, as they know their items are protected with shipping insurance in case any issues arise during or after transit.
How much does shipping insurance cost?

The cost of shipping insurance depends on several factors, including the value of the items being shipped, the shipping method used, and the country where the package is being sent.

How do I get shipping insurance?
Shipping insurance is available through AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk. Our team is ready to design the right program that meets your specific needs.

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