Product Overview: Powersports, Marine & Recreation Protection Programs  

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What are Powersports, Marine & Recreation Protection Products?

At the time of purchase, most new motorcycles, boats or RVs come with a warranty from the manufacturer, but those warranties often expire after a few years. Extended warranties or vehicle service contracts offer customizable coverage for certain repairs. Powersports, marine or recreational protection products provide additional relief for out-of-pocket costs associated with maintaining a vehicle, such as dent and ding repair, tire and wheel damage, key fob replacement, lease wear and tear coverage, theft protection, and more. 

What is Covered Under a Powersports, Marine and Recreation Extended Warranty Program?


  • Jet Ski
  • Boat
  • Boat Trailer


  • ATV & UTV 
  • Motorcycles 
  • Snowmobile 


  • RV/Motor Home  
  • Travel Trailer 
  • Camper Van  

Vehicle Service Contracts and Ancillary Coverages

  • Outboard Engine 
  • Inboard Engine 
  • Jet Drive Engine 
  • Lease Wear and Tear 
  • Lifetime Warranties* 
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance 
  • GAP Coverage 
  • Dent and Ding Theft Protection 
  • Appearance Protection 
  • Tire And/Or Wheel Road Hazards Protection 
  • Windshield Protection 
  • Key/Remote Replacement 
 *coverage caps apply 
Frequently Asked Questions About Extended Warranties for Powersports, Marine & Recreation Vehicles
Is a Powersports, Marine & Recreation coverage necessary?

Powersports, Marine & Recreation extended warranty programs offer additional protection for out-of-pocket costs associated with maintaining a recreational vehicle. One type of coverage offered to recreational vehicle owners is Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), which ensures that vehicle owners won’t incur a loss if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen and never recovered by paying the difference between the insurance settlement amount and the loan or lease balance.  

Some motorcycles, boats or RV owners enjoy repairing and working on their vehicles, but others don’t have the time or knowledge to make the correct repairs. Having extended warranty coverage will give the owners peace of mind that their vehicles will be covered.  

How do vehicle service contracts work for powersports, marine or recreational vehicles?

Ancillary products help with the costs associated with owning and operating a motorcycle, RV, boat and other recreational vehicles and equipment. Some of these ancillary products include coverage for: 

  • Dent and Ding Repair: In the case of a shopping cart dent, or a minor run-in with the garage door, a baseball, and so on, products such as Dent and Ding Repair help cover the cost of fixing the dent to the body of the vehicle.  

  • Tire and Wheel: Many people mistakenly think the manufacturer's warranty covers the tires and wheels of their vehicle. However, when they get their first flat tire they quickly learn otherwise. While roadside assistance offered by many car companies will assist with switching out the bad tire or towing a vehicle to a repair shop, the actual cost of the repair or replacement comes right out of the owner's pocket – unless, of course, they'd purchased tire and wheel coverage. 

  • Theft Protection: Thieves continually devise new and sophisticated ways of stealing vehicles, such as acquiring access to smart keys, switching vehicle identification numbers/serial numbers and even stealing identities to secure loans for more expensive vehicles. Products to safeguard your vehicle include theft deterrent or vehicle recovery systems to prevent thieves from stealing your RV, motorcycle, ATV or boat. If they fail to prevent this from happening, coverage will be afforded to you for the cost of your primary insurance deductible as well as help towards the cost of replacement of your new vehicle.  

  • Key/Key Fob Replacement: Almost all new vehicles come with key fobs, devices programmed to communicate with all the various systems. If lost or misplaced, these high-tech devices can be costly to replace. Some ancillary offerings will cover the cost of replacing the key fob. 

  • Appearance Protection: People want to keep their new vehicles looking as shiny and clean as the day they took ownership. However, outdoor factors like inclement weather, tree sap, bird droppings and other elements can damage the exterior. At the same time, discoloration from the sun's rays or food and beverage stains can ruin the interior. Ancillary Appearance Protection products can help preserve the pristineness of your new vehicle, inside and out, and offer remedies to resolve the messes they fail to protect against.   

How much does Powersports, Marine or Recreational Vehicle warranty coverage cost?

The cost of powersports, marine or recreational vehicle warranty programs varies depending on what is covered and where and how it is purchased. If you financed your vehicle and buy GAP or an extended warranty policy at the time of purchase, a flat fee will be added to the total payment, and you will pay interest on the additional coverage over the time of the loan.  

Where can I buy Powersports, Marine & Recreational Vehicles Extended Warranty Programs?
Powersports, Marine & Recreational extended warranties and ancillary coverages are commonly offered by the dealership to new owners at the time of or near the purchase date.  
When should Powersports, Marine or Recreational vehicle extended warranty coverage be purchased?
Before motorcycle, boat or RV buyers drive (or tow) their new or used vehicle off the dealership lot, the salesperson may offer an extended warranty that provides coverage above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty. In addition to the extended vehicle warranty, several ancillary products extend coverage to provide helpful benefits to consumers and ensure their out-of-pocket repair costs are kept to a minimum. Extended warranty or vehicle service contracts should be purchased before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.  
How long does a motorcycle, boat or RV warranty last?
For all vehicles the length or terms of the coverage will vary based on a number of factors including, type, age and usage. Most manufacturer’s warranties last between 1 and 3 years.  It is vital to research the type of vehicle you own to determine the length of the extended warranty coverage options.  
Are there any exclusions or limitations to Powersports & Marine extended warranty coverage?
Every type of warranty coverage has exclusions, so it is essential to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. For example, manufacturer and extended warranties do not cover normal wear and tear or damage from the lack of regular maintenance or due to an accident. Extended vehicle or marine warranties usually do not cover damage from natural disasters, lightning strikes or hail damage. They also will not cover modifications made to the vehicle, improper installation or some pre-existing conditions.  

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