AmTrust Glossary

A Glossary of AmTrust Affiliated Terms

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  • Official (ANA) tagline in italics: Your Success is Our Policy®
  • Businessowners Policy (BOP): ‘businessowners’ is one word
  • AmTrustOnline: ‘Online’ in italics
  • AmTrustPrintstore: ‘Printstore’ in italics
  • BrandTrust: ‘Trust’ in italics
  • Mono-line (hyphen)
  • Medium-hazard (hyphen)
  • Phone numbers: periods, not dashes: 216.555.1234
  • ezAuto®: AmTrust Commercial Auto coverage bind online rating system on website
  • ezArtisan®: AmTrust Commercial Contractor coverage bind online rating system on website
  • ezBOP®: AmTrust BOP coverage bind online rating system on website
  • PAYO® (Pay-As-You-Owe®)
  • AmTrust AutoPay (direct debit/EFT)
  • Insurer: meaning: Insurance Agent or Insurance Company
  • Insured: meaning: Policyholder

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AAR: Agent Alliance ReinsuranceezBOP: Easy Business Owners' Policy
ADC: Agency Development ConsultantFNG: First Nonprofit Group
AFSI: AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.HR: Human Resources
AFS: AmTrust Financial ServicesLCM: Lost Cost Multiplier
AG: AmTrust Agriculture Insurance ServicesLLC: Limited Liability Company
AMTCS: AMT Consumer ServicesLC: Loss Control
AMT: AMT WarrantyMAC: Master Account
AMTWB: AMT Workforce BenefitsMPN: California Medical Provider Network
AES: AmTrust E&S InsuranceMSD: Marketing Shared Drive
AE: AmTrust EuropeNBL: National Benefit Life
AEL: AmTrust Europe LimitedNOC: Not Otherwise Classified
AI: AmTrust InternationalOG: OwnerGUARD
ANA: AmTrust North AmericaPAYO®: Pay-As-You-Owe®
ASE: AmTrust Specialty EquipmentPOD: Print on Demand
ASR: AmTrust Specialty RiskP&C: Property and Casualty
AS: AmTrust SuretyRSD: Regional Sales Director
AUI: AmTrust UnderwritersRSM: Regional Sales Manager
BOP: Businessowners PolicySEQ: Sequoia
CNH: CNH Capital InsuranceSPEC: AmTrust Special Events Committee
CO: Comp OptionsTPA: Third Party Admin
DBL: Disability Benefits LawTOCO: Toco Warranty
EMOD: Experience Modification RateTOW: Tower
EFT: Electronic Funds TransferUMP: Underwater Mortgage Protection
ezAuto®WT: Warrantech

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Auto Service PlusGaragekeepers (one word)
Businessowners Policy (BOP)Financial Institutions (FI)
Contractors’ EquipmentLumber
Commercial AutoNonprofit
Commercial Package Products (CPP)Restaurants
Disability BenefitsSurety Bonds
Employment Practices
Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Excess & Surplus (E&S)Warranty & Specialty Risk
General Liability (GL)Workers’ Compensation
(Workers’ Comp, Work Comp or WC)
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Proprietary Resources

  • ezAuto®
  • ezArtisan®
  • ezBOP®
  • PAYO® (Pay-As-You-Owe®)

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Quarterly Newsletters & Audiences

  • AmTrends – agents of ANA
  • Quotations – AmTrust Employees
  • Safety Zone – ANA Loss Control
  • Sales Trends – ANA sales force

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Agent Newsletters & Audiences

  • Blue Cheetah – Brown & Brown agents
  • Rogue Wave – IOA agents

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