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Museums are cultural landmarks in cities around the world, offering their visitors fine exhibits and knowledge. Protecting owners, employees, and the many people who visit them is important. AmTrust Financial produces museum insurance solutions for your unique coverage needs and peace of mind. Museums handle and showcase irreplaceable works of art, history, and knowledge, giving patrons from all over the world a chance to see cultural icons they may otherwise miss. With that unique task in mind, providing proper protection for your visitors, employees, and museum owners is essential, which is why the museum insurance solutions from AmTrust Financial can be tailored to suit your business challenges.

Insurance Coverage for Museums

Museums thrive on ticket sales and donations, making visitors and tourists an integral part of your success. With hundreds or even thousands of people coming through your doors on busy days, these same patrons can put your business at risk if they file a claim against you. From slip and fall accidents in bathrooms or gallery areas to vehicles getting damaged in parking lots, potential risks live throughout your museum property. With general liability insurance designed for museums, you could avoid paying out of pocket if a person gets injured on your property or in your parking lot. Judgments against your business can be paid through your liability coverage as well, keeping you in the clear if something goes wrong. However, it should be noted that high dollar amount liability coverage is generally recommended for museums.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Museum Employees

Without your staff, it would be nearly impossible to run your museum successfully. Even if you provide your employees with safety training and procedures, accidents and injuries can still happen. Required by most states, workers' compensation insurance can help to cover the costs of medical bills and lost wages if an employee suffers an on-the-job accident, illness, or injury. Some off-site incidents may also be covered, as long as the events are work-related. This type of policy is a no-fault system that could potentially prevent an injured employee from suing your museum for responsibility for his or her injury, in addition to covering claim-related expenses.


Supplemental Museum Insurance Coverage

Museums are home to many valuable works of art or artifacts, welcoming many visitors each year. That type of business model means you may need special protection. Common supplemental museum insurance policies include:
  • Fine art coverage: With many high-value pieces on loan, museums need to ensure any damage to artwork is covered with appropriate insurance.
  • Product liability insurance: Selling goods in gift shops, offering food or coffee, or operating a bar on-site makes product liability essential. This type of insurance can cover you if you sell faulty goods or employees make mistakes in gift shops or restaurants.

How Do I Get Museums Insurance?

Protecting the hard work you’ve put into your museum is a top priority and having the right insurance that will safeguard your work is crucial. Get the coverage you need to keep your business thriving even in the face of uncertainties.

Let AmTrust Financial help you find insurance policies and coverage limits to help keep your museum and fine art institutions safeguarded. We work alongside you to find an insurance package suited to your needs. To learn more about museum workers' compensation packages and other top-rated insurance products that are available through AmTrust contact us today.

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