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Libraries are generally serene places where students and adults can go to learn about a variety of subjects, ranging from mechanical engineering to classical Greek art. These institutions provide endless amounts of knowledge and entertainment for entire communities to enjoy. Kids can go to libraries to work on their homework and adults can use the literary institutions to conduct research and continue self-education.

While often quiet and peaceful, the library setting can hold a steady stream of patrons as well as unique risks and hazards. Busy libraries carry risks of accidents and claims that can be filed against employees and owners. With a variety of small business insurance solutions from AmTrust Financial, you can help protect your library, staff, and patrons from unforeseen events.

What Does Library Small Business Insurance Include?

There are a wide variety of insurance solutions for libraries available from AmTrust that can be tailored to your needs, as well as the common and mandated library industry policies. A standard library insurance policy may include:
  • Workers' compensation: Workers' comp insurance helps cover the costs involved when an employee is injured on-site.
  • Extended liability and property damage insurance: The unique needs of a library often mean adding increased liability and property damage protection to standard BOP plans to help you recover from an event that damages your valuable inventory of books.


Protecting Your Patrons With General Liability Insurance for Your Library 

On busy days, your library may see dozens, or even hundreds, of people on your property, depending on its size and capacity. If you host community events at your library, you may have even more people gathered all at once. These patrons could slip and fall, or even experience heavy books falling on them from a high shelf.

If a library patron is injured on your property, they may hold you accountable and file a claim against you. With general liability insurance, third-party medical bills and expenses, as well as judgments awarded against you, can be taken care of without you paying out of pocket. General liability insurance typically includes property damage incurred by library visitors as well, like cars that may be vandalized or damaged in your parking area.

Library Workers Compensation Coverage for Employees

Workers' compensation insurance is required in almost every state, and helps ensure that any employee hurt on the job can have medical expenses and rehabilitation costs covered. Most workers' compensation policies also provide job retraining and cover a percentage of lost wages to help your employees sustain themselves until they can return to work. Additional insurance riders designed to shield library owners from claims made against employees or volunteers for negligence can also provide additional protection for your business.

Building and Goods Protection With Library Property Insurance

Your library building is likely a valuable asset and that would be costly to repair if damaged. With property insurance, you can help ensure that repairs made because of fire, vandalism, and other acts out of your control are paid for. Items like books, computers used by the public, and even furniture can be included as part of a building and goods plan for libraries.

How Do I Get Small Business Library Insurance?

Libraries are unique places that often don't operate the way a standard business would. That's why having industry specific insurance is so important. Let AmTrust Financial help you find insurance policies and coverage limits to help keep your library safeguarded. We work alongside you to find an insurance package suited to your needs. To learn more about library workers' compensation packages and other top-rated insurance products that are available through AmTrust contact us today.

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