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Being a bakery owner is one of the toughest jobs in America. You work early hours, send shipments of baked goods across town, and oversee the round-the-clock production of delicate pastries in a hot kitchen. In such a hectic workplace, mishaps are bound to happen sometimes, especially when ovens and stoves are being continuously used. To help cover your business, staff, and clientele, AmTrust provides top-rated bakery insurance products, designed to cover the financial burden of various unforeseen accidents, property damage, or customer liability claims.


What Coverage is Included with Bakery Insurance?

While AmTrust’s small business insurance packages are customizable, our bakery insurance coverage often includes the following products:
AmTrust can work alongside you to help design a state-of-art coverage plan designed to cover your bakery against liability exposure.

Workers’ Compensation for Bakeries - Coverage for Employee Injuries

A busy bakery is filled with hazards. Your in-house staff is handling oven-hot trays all day long, while any spilled flour or confectioners sugar could easily cause a slip-and-fall accident. Since bakery employees often work difficult hours, fatigue can also play a role. Their workday can begin at daybreak or span the overnight shift from midnight until 6 AM.

To help your valued team, ask for workers' compensation insurance. Mandated by state law, this product generally steps in after an employee sustains an injury or illness at work. It can assist by covering their lost wages and helping to pay for medical bills, permanent disability, and vocational retraining.

Insurance Coverage for Bakery Property

Fires are not uncommon in bakeries, which rely heavily on hot equipment like kitchen stoves and wood-burning ovens. If a fire happens within your bakery, it could severely damage your shop, including your storefront set-up, elite appliances, and pricey equipment. A Businessowners' Policy (BOP) can help to shoulder the financial burden of fire-related property damage, including any lost income caused by subsequent workplace closures.

Protection Against Claims

Even in the cleanest and safest of bakeries, clients may still allege that your food products caused them harm. If a patron falls ill or has an allergic reaction from eating a bakery item, general liability insurance can respond to many third-party claims. Without this coverage, your small business risks being exposed to significant out-of-pocket expenses, alongside the grievous harm to its reputation.

How Do I Get Bakery Insurance?

Today is the perfect day to help protect your bakery and its promising future. To learn more about our bakery insurance products and other small business insurance solutions, please contact us today.

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