Opioid Prescription
Risk Report

AmTrust Drastically Cuts the Percentage of Claims with Opioids By 75% to Improve Chronic Pain Outcomes and Reduce Dangerous Prescriptions 

Since then, we've seen:
  • A drastic reduction in the percentage of claims with opioids 
  • Huge improvements ahead of industry average 
  • Continued access to the best treatment plans for injured workers

AmTrust Agents Are Empowered to Help

Our intent has always been to provide the best outcome for injured workers, and often a prescription for opioids is not the most effective treatment plan. Having a better understanding of the risks of opioids than we did 30 years ago, doctors are now more cautious in issuing opioids. Often there are better, safer and more strategic ways to treat chronic pain at its source. Learn how AmTrust’s “care management” approach, combined with a deep workers’ compensation expertise, is helping reduce opioid prescriptions and addressing a devastating societal issue across the U.S.