Commercial Bonds


Commercial Bond Application

Please submit this application to apply for any of the commercial bonds listed below.

AmTrust Surety Offers Various Types of Commercial Bonds:

License & Permit

License & Permit Bonds are generally required by law or statute. This class includes Contractor License, Insurance Broker, Fuel Tax, Motor Vehicle Dealer, Professional Licenses and Defective Title obligations.


Miscellaneous Bonds are financial guarantees that do not fall under other classifications and include Utility Deposit, Union Wage & Welfare, Customs and Lost Instrument obligations.


Fiduciary or Probate Bonds cover individuals handling the financial matters or welfare of another person or an estate. These positions are court-appointed and the bonds continue until released. Examples include Guardian, Conservator, Administrator or Trustee bonds.


Judicial Court Bonds protect the parties in legal proceedings. They range from Appeal, Replevin, Injunction, Stop Notice, Mechanics Lien, Bankruptcy, Receiver to Attachment obligations.

Public Official

Public Official Bonds guarantee the faithful performance of elected or appointed officials in their handling and administration of public funds. Common examples include Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Sheriffs & Deputies at the City, County, State and Federal levels.

Our underwriting process ranges from instant issue, individual credit reports or a full financial evaluation based on the class, size and complexity of the submission. Please contact your local office for details.

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