Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance

What is Commercial P&C Insurance?

Property and casualty (P&C) insurance is a category of small business insurance that includes policies designed to protect business from a wide range of accidents, threats and losses regarding belongings and environments.

Business Property Insurance 

The business property insurance portion of these types of policies helps cover buildings and property you own, such as offices, and equipment or tools that your company needs to perform essential functions.

Casualty Insurance 

The casualty insurance portion of these policies helps protect your company from liability when accidents happen, like if a customer is injured by one of your products or services. Examples of casualty coverages include:
Commercial property and casualty insurance is key for ensuring your business’ success both now and in the future. From mitigating costs during a major storm to protecting your reputation during a lawsuit, property and casualty insurance is a category of insurance policies that can cover a wide range of risks.
This type of insurance is vital for a business, and a property and casualty insurer can help you achieve long-term success.

Why Commercial P&C Insurance Matters

Failing to invest in property and casualty insurance is a significant risk for you, your business and your employees. Life is unpredictable, and you can never know when accidents, injuries or other negative events might affect your business.
Having the right property and casualty insurance policies for your business can help prevent financial losses during unexpected events. In addition to covering broken or stolen property, this type of insurance can help your company stay in business when a disaster happens.
Property and casualty insurance policies often come in bundles, such as a Businessowners Policy (BOP) that combines several types of insurance for your business (general liability, property and crime for example). This will help ensure you’re fully covered across all fronts.

Choosing Your Commercial Property and Casualty Insurer

When you’re seeking out P&C insurance, it’s important to find a knowledgeable insurer whom you can trust. Being a property and casualty insurer means that you have a deep understanding of small businesses and their potential threats.
At AmTrust, we’re passionate about combining our industry experience with personal compassion to help you find the perfect insurance choice for your business. We understand that each company has its own unique circumstances and budgets, and we’re dedicated to helping small businesses find insurance policies that boost their success for years to come.
This material is for informational purposes only, summarizes coverages and services that may be available in a policy, and is not legal or business advice.  Neither AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates represents or warrants that the information contained herein is appropriate or suitable for any specific business or legal purpose.  Readers seeking resolution of specific questions should consult their business and/or legal advisors.

Individual coverage may vary and may not be available in all states.  In the event of a conflict with the material herein, the terms and conditions of any issued policy will control.  Claim examples are general, may or may not be based on actual claims, and are for illustrative purposes only.  Any available coverage for a claim will be determined based on the facts and circumstances of the claim as well as the terms and conditions of the policy, including any applicable exclusions or deductibles.


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