Residential Real Estate Services

AmTrust Title is here to protect your investment. Your first line of defense is an
Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance and an Insured Closing Protection Letter.

Full-Service Residential Title Company

When you buy a new home, whether it’s a condo or single family home, you want confidence that your purchase is protected. At AmTrust Title, we offer a variety of residential real estate services:

Property Searches

We search land records in the county where the real property is located and report matters affecting the property. This is also the beginning step of providing title insurance to you and your lender. Property searches may be used as a resource to determine the condition of title prior to committing to a transaction.

Owner’s Policies

Home ownership is not just the American dream. It is, typically, the largest purchase you make in your lifetime. An Owner’s title insurance policy insures that the seller has the ability to convey clear title to you, the purchaser. Additionally, should a situation arise that was not disclosed in our search, we have an obligation to defend your interest. Litigation can be extremely costly. The only way to protect your investment from hidden or undisclosed matters of the past, is to insure your interest with an Owner’s title insurance policy.

Loan Policies

A loan policy insures that your lender has a valid, and enforceable, lien on your property. Most lenders require a borrower to purchase a loan policy to protect their interest and to ensure that there are no unknown defects (“clouds”) on title that might jeopardize their ability to recoup their money in the event of default or other unforeseen circumstances.

Tax Searches

We search the municipality and provide you with a complete and concise report of the tax status of the residential real estate property you are inquiring about.

Survey Locate/Visual Inspection Services

We may receive an existing survey of the property from the seller. If not, we will attempt to locate an existing survey for you. If we are able to locate a survey, we will send a field examiner to visually inspect the premises in order to ascertain whether or not any significant changes have occurred. If no prior survey is available, we will, as an accommodation, obtain survey quotes and assist in ordering a new survey.

We Also Offer These Ancillary Services

Leasehold Policies

A leasehold title insurance policy protects the tenant/lender’s interest created by the lease. Covered matters include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Insurance that the estate created by the lease is valid and binding against the landlord, 2. Insurance that there are no matters (“clouds”) on title that might
impair the tenant/lender’s interest. Additionally, the leasehold policy provides the insured the duty of defense against such matters.

Recording Services

AmTrust Title recording professionals are well versed as to recording requirements throughout the country. If you need an instrument recorded or filed in a specific (or multiple) municipality(s), Amtrust’s local recording team can get it done promptly.

Judgment and Lien Searches

AmTrust Title recording professionals are well versed as to recording requirements throughout the country. If you need an instrument recorded or filed in a specific (or multiple) municipality(s), Amtrust’s local recording team can get it done promptly.

Current Owner Searches

An abbreviated form of search, also known as an “Ownership and Encumbrance Search”, is often useful to lenders and attorneys, in order to quickly check who the last owner of record is.

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Do you have questions about the home closing process?

Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding title insurance and the home buying process from the experts at AmTrust Title.

Why do I need Title Insurance?


Title insurance policies are policies of indemnification pertaining to real property. Title insurance eliminates and/or minimizes “risks” that affect ownership interests/marketability of title. Said risks may be matters that appear of record or unknown past events not disclosed by the public records.


What types of policies are available?


In general, there are two types of policies, Owner’s Policies and Loan Policies. Institutional lenders, typically require lender’s coverage as a condition of granting the loan. While Owner’s coverage is “optional”, prudent buyers take advantage of the low cost of an Owner’s Policy when issued together with a Loan Policy to protect themselves against very real risks. In many states, buyers must attest to the fact that they were offered an Owner’s Policy and refused the coverage.


Who is covered by a Loan Policy?


Loan Policies insure the lender as to the validity/enforceability of the lien of their insured mortgage, and insure the priority of that lien as stated in the policy. Loan policies do not insure buyer/borrowers.


Why should you purchase an Owner’s Policy?


The owner’s policy protects you against title defects, liens and encumbrances existing as of the effective date of the policy and not specifically excluded or excepted from the policy provisions.


What are “liens”?


Liens provide the creditor with an interest in the affected real property. Creditors may commence an action to enforce their lien.


What are “encumbrances”?


An encumbrance is a right to, interest in, or legal liability (burden) on real property that may not prohibit the conveyance of title to the property but that might affect its value and/or use. Encumbrances may include easements, such as granting a utility company rights to your property in order to provide service, a lien such as a mortgage or monetary judgment or a reservation such as a life estate.

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