Direct Commercial Underwriters

The leadership of AmTrust Title Insurance Company
is made up of individuals with a wide breadth of experience in the title industry.

Jim Bozzomo
Senior Underwriting counsel
P 516.252.3697

Vincent Danzi, Esq.
Senior Counsel
P 516.252.3699

Michael Sasso, Esq.
Senior Underwriting Counsel
P 516.265.1058

Debra Paoli
SVP, National Underwriter
P 646.386.2671

Jesse Iadanza, Esq.
Underwriting Counsel
P 516.686.9852

Cynthia Kern, Esq.
National Underwriter
P 646.870.1943

Michael Elkins, Esq.
National Underwriting Counsel
P 512.808.4120

Michael Scott, Esq.
National Underwriting Counsel
P 646.386.2688