A. Whether a transaction is residential or commercial (or a mix of the two), we fully understand the special concerns of purchasers when acquiring condominium units that may have special restrictions in terms of their use. We are developers’ preferred provider of title insurance for the initial sale of newly-created condominium units. 

B. AmTrust Title is fully authorized to issue title insurance on cooperative units – not all agencies are. We have undergone specialized and rigorous training in this specialized field to become authorized agents for insuring the purchase of interests in cooperative housing corporations.

Commercial Title Specialization

Our distinguished team of underwriters and attorneys are among the most experienced and tested in the industry. This proficiency assures our clients that we have the knowledge and ability to insure high value commercial real estate transactions, including those that involve the transfer of air rights, subsurface easements, rights of way, undersea utility transmission, as well as the myriad concerns associated with high value commercial real estate transactions.

Owner’s Policies

We can help ensure that the seller has proper title to convey to you as the purchaser. This not only provides peace of mind after a purchase, but the process itself results in a “tune up” of the title, where errors are often discovered and corrected before they become a problem or source of a later dispute.

Mezzanine Insurance

When an owner of commercial property requires financing (for improvements, etc.) which exceeds its current value, a mortgage loan that permits the lender to foreclose upon that commercial property will not be enough collateral for the lender. With a mezzanine loan, interests in the entity owning such commercial property is pledged to a lender, thereby providing the additional leverage necessary to move forward with further improvements to the building.

“Judgment and Lien Searches”

“We search the public records relevant to the person, entity, or property you request and disclose back to you any judgments or liens recorded therein.”

“Last Owner Searches”

An abbreviated form of title search, a “Last Owner Search,” is often useful to lenders and attorneys in order to check quickly who the last record owner of the premises was. While this search is uninsured and does not guarantee that the ownership of the premises is as stated in the deed, it is often a favored tool of investors and lenders because of its high rate of reliability and quick turn-around time.

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