ALTA Springboard Takeaways: Addressing the Looming Title Industry Knowledge Gap

The title industry is facing a major challenge in the coming years: a significant gap in professional title knowledge and expertise. With the average title professional being 48 years old and every Baby Boomer reaching or exceeding the retirement age of 65 by 2029, the industry is staring at a great employment cliff within the next 5 to 10 years.


How to Identify Fraudulent Sellers Who Are Trying to Impersonate the True Property Owners

As a real estate professional, you always have to be on alert for potentially fraudulent activity. One of the more dangerous schemes is fraudulent sellers who pose as property owners, defrauding buyers and others involved in the transaction. Although it may be tough to spot a scammer, there are signs to be aware of that should prompt further investigation.


Keeping Real Estate Transactions Safe — Cybersecurity Best Practices and Wire Fraud Prevention

The real estate industry has faced the reality of suffering damages and losses from cybersecurity breaches. These breaches can occur at any time of the real estate transaction, however, prove to be most significant when they surface in the funding stage, when money is disbursed. With technology driving how we process our transactions, it is imperative to practice good cybersecurity hygiene.


Is Gen Z Taking Over the Housing Market?

A 2022 report by Redfin found that 30% of 25-year-olds were homeowners, a percentage higher than both millennials and Gen X-ers! How has Gen Z passed its predecessors with homeownership when they're earning less and dealing with the same competitive housing market? (Newswire.com)


Preliminary Exam "Compass" and Instrument Guide for the Title Professional

Understanding how to review a chain of title and format the examination utilizing a streamlined methodology is an essential part of the title commitment process. To that end, I am willing to share my knowledge and many years of experience in performing this vital service.