Taking Your Business Nationwide

​What is MidPoint?

  • Service your clients nationwide … right now
  • Earn previously un-captured revenue through workshare and closing fees
  • Tailor workflows to fit you and your client

AmTrust Title Insurance Company now partners with its agents through its nationwide platform, called MidPoint, to close transactions outside of their coverage area, using the company’s licensing and production capabilities. By teaming up with MidPoint, our agents now have the ability to service their clients across the nation, whether or not they are licensed to do business in that state. 

How does it work?

Here’s an example: If an agent does business in New York but its lender client operates in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, MidPoint provides all licensable services in the states where the agent is not licensed, and the agent provides any additional services not requiring a license, thereby allowing the agent to service the client anywhere it does business.

  • Title-only, sub-escrow or full-escrow. MidPoint tailors a workflow that works best for agents and their clients.
  • Refinance, purchase, commercial, property report and search products.
  • Documents are accessible online through easy integration
  • White label service offerings
  • Experienced customer service team is available to answer questions throughout the transaction.