AmTrust EXEC 

A team with over 40 years of combined experience making simple things easy and difficult things easier.


Formation of AmTrust EXEC

AmTrust EXEC, formerly known as Euclid Exec, was formed in 2010 to do what the other management liability markets could not. It provides underwriting knowledge and creativity via personal yet expedient service. This unique and not-easily matched service model is cementing AmTrust EXEC’s position in the management liability marketplace. Current programs include a full suite of management liability coverages, monoline employment practices liability insurance, and crime coverage.


In January of 2020 Euclid Exec was acquired by their partner carrier AmTrust Financial at which time the name changed to AmTrust EXEC. This was a testament to the work Euclid Exec had done as an MGA for AmTrust. The acquisition did not change the day-to-day operations as the entire underwriting and operations team transitioned to AmTrust. The company continues to adhere to their underwriting guidelines and strategies that have lead them to achieve market leader status throughout the industry. With experienced underwriters and support staff AmTrust EXEC “makes the simple things easy and the difficult things easier.