AmTrust EXEC | Meet The Team

AmTrust EXEC is comprised of very experienced insurance professionals working together to deliver the best service and tailored coverage for clients. Our staff has the experience needed to help you with your most difficult risk or simply a risk that needs a quick turnaround. We make the simple things easy and the difficult things easier.

Jim Seymour image
Jim Seymour
Senior Vice President
Mark Butler image
Mark Butler
Vice President
Direct: 201.370.7127
Abby Bellgrau image
Abby Bellgrau
Assistant Vice President
Direct: 312.497.7882
Jason Binette image
Jason Binette
Assistant Vice President
Direct: 312.416.9943
Heather Black image
Heather Black
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 312.833.3525
Lea Dimou image
Lea Dimou
Senior Underwriter
Direct: 267.751.4029
Michael Gallagher image
Michael Gallagher
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 516.384.1301
Dahiana Gil image
Dahiana Gil
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 786.925.8336
Stavan Israel image
Stavan Israel
Regional Executive Underwriter
Direct: 608.385.8703
Pedro Rivera Martinez image
Pedro Rivera Martinez
Underwriter II
Direct: 786.286.4935
Alton Moore image
Alton Moore
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 415.341.7249
Matt Pfersdorf image
Matt Pfersdorf
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 708.341.3845
Greg Rettich image
Greg Rettich
Executive Underwriter
Direct: 860.402.9300
Michelle Sorrentino image
Michelle Sorrentino
Senior Underwriter
Direct: 860.331.6748