AmTrust Exec

Elements Management Liability
coverage for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

The Elements Management Liability Policy

Elements is a flexible insurance policy that allows public, private and nonprofit companies to obtain market-leading management liability, employment practices, and fiduciary liability coverages for risks that threaten the company, management, employees, boards of directors and others. The policy allows them to choose Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) and/or Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) and/or Fiduciary Liability Insurance in any combination with shared or separate limits.

Management Liability Included in all Elements Policies

  • Spousal extension includes domestic partners
  • Materials, other than signed insurance applications, limited to 12 months prior to policy inception
  • Punitive damage coverage (where insurable) with most favorable venue language
  • Worldwide application of coverage
  • Flexible claims reporting provision allows claims to be reported as soon as practicable and up to 60 days post policy expiration, provided that they are reported
  • Automatic coverage for acquired Subsidiaries
  • Broad definition of damages including arbitration awards; punitive, exemplary, and multiple damage awards; and pre-and post-judgment interest
  • Non-rescindable coverage for non indemnifiable claims
  • Flexible defense and settlement options
  • No pyramiding of limits between coverages when separate limits are purchased

Management Liability Included in Directors and Officers Liability Coverage

  • Narrowed “Insured versus Insured” exclusion
  • Adverse Media Event coverage: A coverage enhancement which covers costs associated with managing negative events that can threaten an organization’s reputation and financial viability
  • Advancement of Loss responds to the uncertainties of corporate indemnification, unlike traditional insurance programs, by stepping in on covered claims when companies refuse or otherwise fail, for any reason, to provide advancement or indemnification to their directors and officers
  • Coverage for investigative costs arising out of a shareholder derivative demand
  • Section 11, 12 and coverage for public companies

Program highlights and coverages are subject to underwriting guidelines, are for illustration purposes only and are not to be considered a contract of insurance. Please refer to the policy for complete terms and conditions.