Our Vision

The vision for AmTrust EXEC is captured in our motto, “We make the simple things easy and the difficult things easier!” With empowered underwriters “doing the deals,” AmTrust EXEC can make the simple things truly easy and more importantly, simplify the difficult things other carriers with layers of underwriting authority can’t. Challenging risks get the attention of an underwriter with the experience and authority they require the second they arrive.

With a team that has over 40 years of combined experience we have witnessed how insurance carriers make management liability transactions difficult. The common forms of inefficiency in the management liability industry are rooted in hierarchical underwriting divisions, claims departments divorced from underwriting, inexperienced & un-empowered underwriters at the point of sale and poor technology platforms. With the support of AmTrust Financial, our strong Insurance partners, and our experienced and empowered underwriters AmTrust EXEC can deliver unparalleled service to our brokers and customers.