Priority 8 UCC Mezzanine™
Loan Policy

Our policy is specifically designed to cover Mezzanine Financing, rather than providing that coverage through a generic UCC policy which requires an endorsement to provide appropriate coverage.


We call our policy Priority 8 because conforming to best practices for priority, we avail ourselves of perfecting the mezzanine loan by certificating the pledged LLC membership interests under Article 8, in addition to filing a financing statement under Article 9.

Unlike generic UCC policies, there is no endorsement required to adapt the policy to mezzanine financing transactions; and there are no additional mezzanine endorsement charges in connection with our UCC policy coverage. (Please note that the ALTA Mezzanine Endorsement will remain applicable to any real property title insurance policy purchase by the mortgage borrower.)

Our policy underwriting has Article 8 best practices built into our coverage and rate structure so when the insurer is AmTrust Title, you know that your lender has “control” over a certificated security interest issued by a pledging entity that has “opted in” to treatment as investment property under Article 8.

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