Contract Bonds

Surety Product Lines


Our knowledgeable underwriters are skilled at handling all types of contract bond requests. Our flexible underwriting approach enables us to meet the diverse needs of all types of contractors. By developing a relationship with the contractor, and the surety producer that represents them, we are able to assist with emerging contract accounts, as well as support the surety needs of much larger contracting entities.

Contract Surety Bond Program Parameters

We have established the expertise and capacity necessary to support the contract bond needs of contractors – from the very small to those with bond needs on projects up to $25 million – with aggregate surety capacity up to $50 million and beyond.

Contract Bond Types

Bid bond: Provided by contractors to guarantee that the contractor, upon being identified as the successful bidder, will enter into a construction contract at the amount bid and provide any required performance and payment bonds.

Performance bond: Guarantees the construction undertaken in accordance with the underlying construction contract will be completed.

Payment bond: Provides protection to ensure that all subcontractors, laborers and material suppliers that have been hired to complete the bonded contract are paid and that they will deliver a lien-free project.

Contract Programs

Special programs designed for small contractors:

Xpress Contract Program

This is a special contract bond surety program designed for small contractors with infrequent bond needs. Underwriting is largely credit based and requires only a simple two-page application. Decisions and bond issuance are quick, typically within 24 hours. Under this program, we can consider bonds on projects up to $400,000 with an aggregate limit not to exceed $500,000. Xpress Bond Application

Xpress Plus Contract Program

While this program requires more information than the Xpress program, Xpress Plus requires significantly less documentation than a standard contract bond submission. For consideration, a simple multi-page application is required, as well as some basic financial information on the business and its owners. Depending on the quality of the information provided, under this program, internal financial statements and/or tax returns may be acceptable. See the application for additional details. This program supports single jobs and aggregate limits up to $1,500,000. Xpress Plus Application


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The described coverages and services are summaries only. In the event of a conflict between this summary and the terms of an issued policy or bond, the terms and conditions of the policy or bond, including any exclusions or limitations, will control. Coverages and services may not be available for all applicants or in all states.

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