Commercial Surety Bonds

Surety Product Lines


License & Permit

License & Permit Bonds generally promise to pay and protect a governmental body as the obligee or general public, from the principal’s violation of law, ordinance or regulation. Contractor License, Insurance Broker, Fuel Tax, Motor Vehicle Dealer and Defective Title are common examples.


Miscellaneous Bonds are similar to License & Permit and tend to include more aspects of financial guarantee in their coverage. Examples of miscellaneous bonds include Union Wage & Welfare, Utility Deposit, Lost Securities and Lost Instrument, as well as Customer Services.


Fiduciary Bonds cover the fidelity and performance of a principal charged with handling the assets or affairs of another person or entity. In most cases, a court appoints the fiduciary, who is responsible for properly handling the assigned custody and duties, as well as for providing a final account of the activities. Typical fiduciary bonds are Administrator, Executor, Guardian, and Conservator.


Court Bonds are financial guarantees that one party files to protect the interests of the opposing party in a litigation matter. These bonds are non-cancellable obligations and can remain open for many years. Attachment, Replevin, Injunction, Indemnity to Sheriff, Court Costs, and Appeal are common examples.

Public Official

Public Official Bonds guarantee the official will faithfully perform his or her duties and honestly handle public funds and are required of elected and appointed officials by many state and municipal government codes. Examples include Notary, Fishing and Hunting License Issuer, Tax Collector, Sheriff, Treasurer, Mayor, City or County Administrator, and Supervisor.

Bond Verification

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