Premium Finance

Surety Product Lines


Oregon and Washington Contractors License Bonds are the only bond types eligible for premium financing.

  • To be eligible, bond premium must be $500 or more.
  • Producers will arrange for a premium finance for their clients (Principals).
  • A Producer may use a reputable, licensed Premium Finance Company*; however, AmTrust Surety has selected Imperial PFS as our preferred Premium Finance Company.
  • Multi-year Oregon CLB bonds are ineligible.

How it Works

  • Principal must pay 25% down and the balance of the premium is a maximum of 9 installments.
  • Producers can apply the down payment towards their commission; however, if the bond commission for the full year is less than the down payment, the Producer must forward the amount in excess of commission to AmTrust Surety.
  • AmTrust Surety will receive gross premium financed from the Premium Finance Company.
  • In case of cancellation, a prorated method will be used to calculate gross unearned premium.
  • AmTrust Surety will refund gross unearned premium, if any to Premium Finance Company. Gross unearned premium of $1 or less will be refunded only upon request.
  • Principal must contact Producer or Premium Finance Company for reinstatement if bond is cancelled for non-payment.
  • Producer will be responsible to repay any return commission to AmTrust Surety, due to cancellation.
  • A new OR and WA CLB bond on the Premium Finance Program cannot be converted to Direct Bill at renewal; however, if an existing OR and WA CLB bond is on Direct Bill, it can be premium financed at renewal, and the bond will then convert to Agency Bill.

If you have any questions, please send an email or contact an accounts receivable representative by phone: 949.263.3316

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