Specialty Risk Warranty Solutions

AmTrust Specialty Risk is a leading global provider of insurance and reinsurance for manufacturers,
distributors, retailers, financial institutions and third-party administrators. 


Warranties: Protecting Their Investments. And Yours.

For over 20 years, AmTrust Specialty Risk has partnered with agents, brokers, manufacturers, administrators and retailers to create warranty products that work – for everyone.

With 45 million active warranty contracts representing $3 billion in premium, AmTrust Specialty Risk is one of the nation’s largest underwriters of vehicle service contracts, extended service plans, extended warranties and accidental damage plans for motor vehicles, home electronics and other kinds of consumer products.

From providing peace of mind to building brand loyalty, our coverage lineup creates real value. The protection products we underwrite help you boost sales, guard against risks, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenues. Some of the biggest names in the automotive, consumer products and other consumer-facing industries depend on us because of our size, strength, experience and flexibility.


AmTrust 2020 Extended Auto Warranty Advisor

AmTrust's latest report examined over 2.4M extended auto warranty claims totaling ~$1.5B from 2015-2019 across all manufacturers. Both third-party administrators and manufacturers can use this data to help consumers understand the value of investing in these products.

Automotive Warranties

AmTrust is a leading underwriter and reinsurer of vehicle service contracts, GAP insurance plans and ancillary protection products for the automotive, RV, motorcycle and marine industries.

Consumer Products Manufacturers & Retailers

We partner with manufacturers and retailers to create protection plans that eliminate purchase barriers – from fear of expensive repairs to concerns about accidental damage.

Software Companies and Insurtech Startups

AmTrust Specialty Risk is an ideal collaboration partner for software companies, Insurtech startups and platforms that aggregate consumers and merchants who seek a major insurer to develop new business models.
Financial institutions
Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions, fintechs and other lending and leasing institutions partner with us for credit products designed to protect financial transactions and borrowers against risk of delinquency or default.

home warranty
Home Warranty Companies

Even the smartest appliances and home systems break down. Our customized extended service plans make it easy for consumers to get the most satisfaction from their purchases.

service providers
Service Providers

Designed for companies that serve consumers, like utilities, telecom companies and broadband/cable providers, seeking an insurance partner to develop new revenue-generating services, manage risk and provide the protection needed to weather just about any storm.

Agricultural & Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
Agricultural & Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

We partner with construction, farming and other heavy equipment manufacturers, administrators and dealers to underwrite a variety of protection products.

Partner with Us for Warranty Solutions

Increased sales. Greater customer satisfaction. Stronger brand loyalty. Sustainable revenue. AmTrust Specialty Risk can help you and your partners achieve all of them. Here are another four reasons to work with us:

AmTrust Specialty Risk is a division of AmTrust Financial Services, a multinational property and casualty insurance provider. Our “A-“ (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best means we’re financially stable and have a positive financial outlook. Our size, strength and global footprint enable us to provide every partner the best resources and support in the industry.

We want to stay at the forefront of our industry. That’s why we make it a priority to keep pace with the latest developments in technology so we can meet the changing needs of today’s consumer.

At AmTrust, we are all about adaptability. We are able to adjust how we do business to meet your evolving needs. Unlike other large companies in the warranty space,we are free to work with any administrator you want to use or we can tap our vast network to help you assemble a full solution.

We focus squarely on our partner companies. Whether your organization serves a broad customer base or a niche market, we will work with you to create the best coverage solutions for your customers. Our goal? Maximizing protection and revenue while minimizing worry and risk.


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