Partner with AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk

Partnership Advantages

Partnering with AmTrust increases your success through increased sales, greater customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty and sustainable revenue.  

Your Priorities Lead Ours.
We focus squarely on our partners’ business objectives. Whether your organization serves a broad customer base or a niche market, we will work with you to create the best coverage solutions for your customers. Our goals are to maximize protection and revenue while minimizing worry and risk.

Our size, strength and experience enable us to provide every partner the best resources and support in the industry. A cross-functional partnership model ensures each program is launched swiftly and compliantly. Expert teams analyze your business to refine programs and confidently respond to industry changes. Our president and executive leadership are accessible to partners at all levels and engage in building relationships that last. 

We are at the forefront of our industry. Our innovative culture and proactive approach to emerging technologies create meaningful expansion opportunities for partners. We make it a priority to keep pace with the latest developments in technology to help you anticipate and meet the changing needs of today’s consumers. 

At AmTrust, we are all about adaptability. We adjust our deal structures, rates, and filings to meet our partners’ evolving needs. Collaborative underwriting tailors each coverage to the product and market, maximizing customer lifetime value. 

AmTrust Specialty Risk’s expert team of legal, actuarial, underwriting, and account executive professionals streamline the launch of compliant and lucrative programs that meet our partner’s global distribution goals. Clearly defined business processes and expertise ensure programs are managed effectively and compliantly. 




A Case Study With Servify

The Opportunity:
Servify wanted a responsive insurance partner who could help them underwrite large consumer electronics warranty programs within their existing and new North America partnerships.. AmTrust Warranty & Specialty Risk had the industry knowledge and underwriting expertise to launch multiple product protection programs that would overcome competition from strong incumbents.

open lending

A Case Study With Open Lending

The Opportunity:
During the financial crisis of 2009, Open Lending encountered a barrier in their plan to expand Lenders Protection beyond credit unions. While there was a growing need to serve the near and non-prime auto loan market, Open Lending faced a challenge with their traditional insurer who was unwilling to take on the unfamiliar risk of underwriting default insurance for “less desirable” auto loans. With this obstacle in mind, they began searching for a carrier partner with the right combination of stability and entrepreneurial drive to support their vision to grow.


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