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From underwriting to reinsurance, AmTrust Specialty Risk can help your business meet the coverage needs of your partners and their customers. We can offer you:

Flexibility. Agile and efficient, our team is flexible enough to structure program financials that will improve your profits, increase dealer and consumer satisfaction, build brand loyalty and reduce risk. We can collaborate with any administrator you prefer, or you can tap our extensive partner network to create a best in class solution. Unlike our major competitors, we’re a purely an insurer not bound to a particular administrator.  

Industry-leading Support. Our creative, experienced underwriters are often willing to take on risk that others won’t. Our compliance specialists can structure coverage plans that are profitable and fully compliant. And we can educate you about reinsurance so you can help your dealer partners get the most from their programs.

Insight. We study and share with our partners the best practices we’re seeing across the industry, especially the ways digital technology is changing how consumers shop for, buy and protect their vehicles. We also explain the insurance implications caused by developments within the automotive industry, such as the surge in autonomous and electric vehicles and the shift toward connected vehicles.

Innovation. We maintain a collaborative ecosystem by keeping our finger on the pulse of our industry and utilizing new technology to make doing business with us even easier and more profitable. And we’re comfortable working with you on niche ideas and opportunities to serve neglected audiences.

Strength and Staying Power. When you partner with AmTrust Specialty Risk, you’ll have the financial strength and stability of a company rated “A-“ (Excellent) by A.M. Best, behind you.

Unmatched Protection. Our team has the expertise and insight to deliver best-in-class coverage solutions. It’s the kind of protection that benefits not only the people making and selling these impressive machines, but also those cruising the streets, paths and waters in them.




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“We have worked with AmTrust for several years and we have built a relationship based on trust and respect.”

John Flynn
President and CEO
Agent Since 2010

“AmTrust really understands the needs of the warranty product market. They are an innovative and reliable partner for us.”

John Kitzie
Agent Since 2008


“I’ve been an AmTrust customer for over a decade, and I’m excited to continue our relationship as the company moves into the new private structure. While there’s been a lot of challenges over the past two years, they’ve continued to be a consistent, trustworthy partner.”

Michael Weiner
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Agent Since 2009

“We have developed a valuable partnership with AmTrust over the last 6 years that we have been in business together. They have excelled in providing outstanding underwriting services and have helped us foster a strong relationship with our clients. We are very thankful and appreciative for their attention to detail and their commitment to effective and timely claim resolution. We are also very glad for the opportunity to continue to strengthen our partnership in the coming years and are looking forward to growing our business together.”

Mopar Vehicle Protection Team


“If there is one name whom I want to credit most of our success in North America, it has to be AmTrust. Servify started its journey in North America (NA) way back in 2018 and it was our attempt to make an impact in a region that was dominated by third party incumbents who had legacy systems, archaic processes and minimal customer-centric approach on Device Protection as a business. On the other hand, Servify was the “new kid on the block” that brought in new-age technology, superior customer experience promise and thought-leadership in the warranty space. 

We did face initial resistance, but it was Amtrust who understood our business model, the power of our platform and the alignment to the common objective of disrupting this space with “Customer-first” approach. The leadership team at AmTrust (Bruce Saulnier in particular) believed in us and underwrote our first warranty program in NA for an OEM with non-traditional risk parameters, that was first in the industry….and we haven’t looked back since. Our partnership has gone from strength to strength as we now work together in the UK, EU and MEA and it’s a partnership where everyone wins. We have been fortunate to have the trust, belief and backing of AmTrust and the entire team.”

Sreevathsa Prabhakar
Founder and CEO

“Since 2009, the fantastic team from AmTrust Specialty Risk has supported our business growth with programs that constantly adapt to our customers and markets.”

Safeware Team

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