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Cuts and Scrapes Hurt

Slip and fall accounts for 4.5 times more in paid losses than punctures or cuts.

Note: Graph shapes are not representative of the actual paid loss amount. *Other constitutes motor vehicles $20.1M, strike against/step on $12.7M and caught in or between 5.7M.

Cuts, punctures or scrapes make up a third of restaurant claims reported

In an industry where slicing & dicing plays a major role in food preparation, it’s not a surprise that cuts, punctures and scrapes make up a third of restaurant claims reported. However, there are certain measures that can be employed to help reduce the severity of these injuries.

How long will a worker be out

Summertime Risks Heat Up

Overall, June, July, & August have the highest reported restaurant workers’ comp accidents.

Loss Control Details

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the restaurant work force nearly doubles. And, these inexperienced and/or newly hired seasonal workers are more likely to be injured than those who have been on the job for a while. Always assume new employees have no safety training at all, and then provide it.

A few loss control best practices to implement over the summer to help reduce the risk of workers’ injuries include:

Slips and Strains are Leading Injury Causes

Injuries to wrists/hands caused the most lost time

averaging 265 lost days of work

Average Lost Time by Body Part (For Two Highest Categories Causing Injuries)

Slips and Falls

Lower Back
22.8 Days
Upper Leg
27.0 Days
31.0 Days
Lower Leg
46.0 Days
53.1 Days
62.0 Days
Misc. Body Parts
113.4 Days

Strain or injury by holding or carrying

Multiple Trunk
25.7 Days
Lower Back
29.5 Days
65.0 Days
118.4 Days
156.0 Days
185.5 Days
Wrist(s) & Hands(s)
265.0 Days

Serving up Safety

Coffee Shops Coming in Hot

Cafés/coffee shops yield the highest lost time by 45% compared to all other restaurant types.


On policies underwritten by AmTrust, our 10-year loss ratio has greatly outperformed the industry.

The United States of Lost time

Average time lost due to restaurant industries varies from less than 4 days to nearly 2 months.

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