Your 5-Step Post-Paid Family Leave Checklist

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Paid Family Leave (PFL) is here. You’ve spoken to your insurance agent or broker and added the rider to your mandatory New York State DBL coverage. 

But are you really ready for PFL? Making sure you take these five steps can help reduce confusion about the new benefit, improve employee satisfaction, and minimize the impact of paid leave on your company’s bottom line. 

1 – Comply with Regulations Regarding Employee Awareness of Paid Family Leave

Just as with state-mandated Disability Coverage benefits and Workers’ Compensation,employers must make sure their employees know about Paid Family Leave (PFL) and who is eligible. HR departments must make sure organizational policies comply with New York state laws. 

Additionally, employers must display a poster outlining employees’ rights regarding PFL. If you do not have this poster yet, your insurance broker can provide one.

Employee Awareness of Paid Family Leave

2 - Be Prepared to Answer Employee Questions Regarding Paid Leave

Educated employers can help create happy, engaged employees. Especially since the PFL program is new to New York State and is unprecedented in the country in terms of the amount and scope of benefits, employees are bound to have questions. 

Be ready with the right answers by speaking to your AmTrust broker first. Brokers are stocked with a wealth of Paid Family Leave information and resources to make PFL adoption go smoothly for their customers. PFL has three separate claims forms depending on the reason for paid leave. Your AmTrust brokers can supply you with all three forms for your convenience. 

3 – Provide Your AmTrust Broker with Your Company Census

PFL premium rates are determined based on the number of employees in your company and their salaries. By providing your AmTrust broker with your company census you can ensure your premiums are accurate and you aren’t paying too much for your PFL coverage. 

4 – Have a Plan to Fill In for Employees on PFL

No doubt, PFL is a culturally significant — and important—benefit that recognizes the importance of taking time off to bond with infants, care for family members, or hold down the fort while a military spouse is deployed. While the Family Medical Leave Act protects employee’s jobs if they require time off, PFL ensures an income to employees in New York during these sometimes challenging times. 

Because PFL applies to employees of any gender, more fathers might take time off following the birth of a child. Employees who previously juggled caring for senior parents with working full-time might take PFL to focus on their loved one.

This can place an added burden on employees who remain in the office. Employers should develop a plan and process to fill in for employees on leave. This might mean cross-training employees to split duties and fill in for their co-workers. It could mean hiring additional help through a temp agency. You could also take advantage of today’s “gig economy” to find independent contractors who can complete the duties of employees on leave. It’s important, too, to check with your tax accountant to determine what constitutes a contractor vs. a temporary employee.


5 – Sweeten Your Benefits Package for Employees Not Eligible for PFL

While PFL meets the needs of a wide range of employees, from military spouses to new parents and even “sandwich generation” workers caring for both younger children and senior parents, not every employee will need PFL at some time in their life. 

In addition to developing a plan to fill in for employees on leave without over-burdening your other employees, you might consider enriching disability coverage and adding a voluntary ancillary benefits package to your employee benefits plan. 

Life insurance, dental care, and vision coverage are all enticing benefits that can aid in recruiting new talent and retaining employees. Employees will see that your company makes an extra effort to provide benefits that appeal to every demographic in the workforce today.

Is Your Workplace Ready for Life with Paid Family Leave? 

Education and preparation are the keys to maintaining a happy and engaged workforce. The solution that works to fill the role of one employee on leave may not work for other employees, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different solutions depending on the circumstances. 

Minimize the frustrations of employees filing for PFL, and ensure retention after they return from leave, by being prepared with the right claim forms, information, and resources. Life with PFL may not be a fully seamless transition, but having the right resources and a knowledgeable broker to guide you can make it manageable.

Want to learn more about coverage for Paid Family Leave? Check out the Statutory Disability Insurance for business offerings at AmTrust Financial now.


This post is provided by The DBL Center Ltd. The DBL Center is a wholesale insurance agency specializing in temporary disability insurance and employee benefit plans – most notably, temporary disability benefits in New Jersey (NJ TDB), New York Disability (New York DBL) and PFL, and temporary disability insurance in The Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii TDB). Celebrating more than 40 years in business, The DBL Center serves more than 4000 insurance agents across 15 states.


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