Top 7 Benefits of an Online Rating System

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In the small business insurance industry, things happen fast, and we need systems to be proactive, rate quickly, and help in growing our book of business.

According to Tracy Hrycuna, Workers’ Compensation Product Team Supervisor at AmTrust, AmTrust Online was designed to provide agents with the fastest, most efficient system to bind new business and maintain existing accounts. Whether binding workers’ compensation insurance to an existing book, or building a new one, AmTrust agents are able to submit with ease and efficiency. 

“AmTrust agents are able to rate a workers’ compensation submission, and in minutes, find out if the rating is approved and eligible to be bound. If further information is needed, this system will provide them with a price indication, which can then be quickly submitted to an underwriter for further review – and that’s just for starters,” Hrycuna stated.

Why Use the AmTrust Online Rating System

Take a look at the top seven benefits of rating and submitting at AmTrust Online:

Quick Submission, Review, and Rating

The AmTrustOnline rating system zeros in on relevant data, resulting in fast ratings and an easy pathway to workers’ compensation submissions.

User Friendly

With just a few clicks, you can easily access workers’ compensation rates, policy information, endorsement and claims history, profile information and more.

Paperless = Green

After logging in, a “Go Green with AmTrust”banner will appear at the top of the page, along with a “Go Green” icon among the bullets on the left side of the screen and in minutes, your agency is good to go green!

Real-Time Access to Loss Runs and Workers’ Comp Claims Information

When you need to view the latest information regarding your clients’ Loss Run or Claims reports, you can access these documents in real time.  

File First Report Claims and 24/7 Online Reporting

In just a few clicks, you can report workers’ compensation insurance losses at AmTrust Online.

Billing and Payment Review at AmTrust Online

Review billing and payment information for your policyholders so you can assist clients with billing when needed.

Manage Your Agent Profile

We provide fast, easy steps to efficiently manage your agency’s profile information.

“AmTrust is dedicated to making sure that our agents receive the highest quality of service, and AmTrust Onlinewas built to ensure that from the start of entering a new business submission, through the binding process, to the final premium policy audit, AmTrust Online would be a valuable and efficient tool to help our agents grow and maintain their books of business,” Hrycuna said.

For example, “Rating a Workers Compensation submission on AmTrust Online can be done quickly and easily. The agent enters the rating information and answers a few general questions, including exposure-specific questions, regarding the risk they are rating. If the submission meets eligibility criteria, the system will approve the rating, allowing the user to bind the policy online, and instantly produce a policy number—all with just a couple clicks on the keyboard,” she said.


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