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Want to learn more about AmTrust, including who we are and our appetite and products? Watch the video below.


AmTrust started as a regional work comp carrier and has evolved into a multinational, multi-line company focusing on small to midsize business. Our work comp appetite has over 400 eligible classes with 118 of those being bind online eligible. You can round out your account with our easy suite of products including BOP, package, and GL for your artisan contractors.

Everything just mentioned has an online rating system with bind online classes, but if you're looking for something more specialized we have niche products specifically designed for risk like your 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 nonprofits along with its companion coverage, state unemployment insurance, for your 501(c)3’s.

Our Auto Service Plus is garage keeper and liability for your auto service risk. And lumber is more than just your sawmill and planning mills. We even have a program for your financial institutions including banks and credit unions.

As an agent you'll have access to our easy suite of products through our online system, AmTrust Online. You can manage your policy with the ability to pull policies, loss runs, and endorsements as well as view billing and claims info for your clients.

When things change, door spins can be processed or requested using our self-service tool.

Your insured will have access to a robust portal, also with everything they need to do right at their fingertips. This portal gives them the ability to report a claim, start an audit, pay their bill and so much more. They'll even have an app so they can manage their account on the go, all while keeping you, the agent, informed of their transactions.

We know you're always on the go- to help manage your insurance and prospects you have an app as well, where you can write a submission, search and view policy information, and make a payment on your insured’s behalf while sitting in your car, at lunch, or even in the insurance office.

Got a book of business you think would fit our appetite? To discover more about what we cover, click the link below. 

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