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Specialist coverage for satellites during all stages of its life.

Solutions for the Modern World

In this world of ever increasing reliance on technology to stay connected and be kept informed, satellites form a major part of our life.  Whether for news, weather updates, social media, navigation or just plain watching tv, satellites are used by us everyday whether we realise it or not.
These complex pieces of equipment are an important and expensive asset for their owners and we at AmTrust are experts in providing peace-of-mind insurance cover to the industry.  

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What Set AmTrust Apart?

AmTrust’s Space Underwriting Team combine depth of knowledge with technical expertise to create specialist insurance products to cover a satellite during it full lifecycle. These will include protection for the launch phase and in orbit operations. We can also cover cargo missions to the International Space Station including docking and the return journey.
Operating in a global industry, our insurance solutions are individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients be they satellite operators, launch vehicle providers, telecommunication companies and earth observation organisations.

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  • Launch
  • In Orbit Testing
  • In Orbit Operation
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