Indemnity for event cancellations, prize awards and promotional risks

What sets AmTrust apart?

AmTrust provide bespoke coverage for a wide range of contiengency risks from a star performer not turning up to promotional competitions. Providing organisers piece of mind and financial protection for almost any eventuality that may occur.
Our underwriters are specialist in their field and have great attention to detail, they work closely with their broker partners by analysing each risk individually to ensure coverage is matched to each event or liability. AmTrust’s contingency covers are closely aligned with claims services that can support an insured if a claim occurs, providing additional security and protection.

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  • Cancellation and Abandonment
  • Non Appearance
  • Film/Media
  • Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • Non Statistical Prize Indemnity
  • Over Redemption

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Tailored Solutions

We work with a number of industries to tailor make solutions to their requriements:
Cancellation and Abandonment:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports events and Music Festivals
  • Trade Shows/Conventions/Consumer Shows  
  • All music genres. Individual performances and tours
  • Ground-up and layered programme policies
  • Commercial Producers Indemnity
  • Advertising Agency Indemnity
  • Film Production Indemnity
  • DICE production Indemnity
Statistical Prize Indemnity:
  • Lottery Jackpots
Non Statistical Prize Indemnity:
  • Hole in One
  • Games of Skill
  • Over Redemption Insurance
  • Instant Win
  • On-Pack Collector
  • Text and Win

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Contact Us

If you have an event, marketing campaign or competition that requires specialist insurance that can cover against a wide variety of circumstances, please get in touch with the Contingency team.

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