AmTrust Insurance Spain

AmTrust Insurance Spain is an underwriting agency specialising in international surety bonds.

AmTrust Insurance Spain is an underwriting agency of AmTrust Europe Limited, specialising in surety, contract and commercial bonds, leading the AmTrust bonds division internationally.

Founded in 2011, AmTrust Insurance Spain underwrites a wide range of bonds for companies of all sizes, from major multinational companies to small businesses that tender for projects in their own domestic markets or in international markets.


Professional and Knowledgeable

We have partnership agreements and licenses that allow us to issue bonds locally in a wide range of markets worldwide. This includes Latin America, where we have already built up a strong presence and excellent reputation in Peru, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. 

Our proven ability to respond, with flexibility and creativity, to the challenges our customers face in a variety of projects across the globe, has made it possible for us to offer a broad range of innovative solutions.

With the clear aim to establish ourselves as the surety insurance company of reference, we work closely with brokers and their clients to offer a full range of bonds backed by first-rate financial security.

Our Services and Products

AmTrust Insurance Spain's clients are national or multinational groups in industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, gaming and services. We specialise in working with a medium-sized companies with the ability and necessary capital to withstand adverse economic and competitive pressures. Our dedicated support in overseas markets, however complex, is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from our competitors and forms the basis of our global vision and our corporate mission.

We have the capability to design special bond programs on an ad-hoc basis to meet out clients' needs which are developed according to local country requirements and cover both technical and financial risks. Research, development and innovation are the keys to our strategy.

Spanish Market 

  • Bonds for the gaming industry:  Required to obtain permits and licenses.
  • Risks associated with real estate development: Advance payment housing bonds and deposit amounts bonds.
  • Miscellaneous risks:  Financial guarantees related to tax litigation. 

International market

  • Any type of bond, for any type of risk, in the 63 countries where we operate.
  • Bonds in Guarantee of Loans & Advances for the purchase of new dwellings.

Key markets:

  • Americas 
  • Europe 

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