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AmTrust Ag offers mapping software that can be used to build an acreage report, which will update data in the processing system at the CLU level. The mapping functionality also allows for the printing of wall maps, map-based acreage reports, the current map view, and map booklets. With customizable layering, a map can show streets, counties, townships, sections, and high risk ground.


AmTrust Ag uses quoting functionality that allows for sheet quotes, quoting templates, multi-comparison quotes, quick quoting, as well as batch quotes for an agent's entire book of business held with us.

The quoting functionality allows an agent to replicate and retrieve the latest prices and volatility factors throughout the various discovery periods.


AmTrust Ag uses a Disconnected Adjuster System (DAS) that allows for entry in the field and signatures to be captured electronically without an internet connection. Claim data can then be uploaded from the tablet to our processing system once an internet connection is present. Claims documents are available to the agent in the processing system after the claim is worked.

Services Statement

AmTrust Ag understands there are many choices with whom to place your business. As a small business we feel that we hold the same philosophies and ethics as our agent partners. We won’t let agents and farmers get lost in the shuffle of a large corporation. Insureds will be contacted within 24 hours of a notice of loss being submitted, and agent questions will be answered timely.

We are a crop insurance company that prides itself on our MPCI and crop hail knowledge, and we will focus on providing the best service in the industry by partnering with honest agents with the same core values.

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